Triathlon training – 5 things I did last week 

It was a bit of a strange week for training, with a few days of absolutely nothing and then a few pretty good training days! Just over six hours of training in total.

Completely lost my motivation for training and blogging – a combination of still battling a cold that refused to go away, a busy week at work, and a few extra commitments meant I just could not be bothered. Some days when I’m busy at work there is absolutely no time to do anything, and I’m in bed so late there is no way I am going to get up early to train. That wasn’t the case this week, I could have prioritised it and squished it in, but I really, really, really could not be bothered. Along with that went a few half-written blog posts that I just could not be bothered to finish. On the bright side, I read a lot on public transport!
Still managed almost all my workouts. Triathlon training for me currently involves 2 x swimming, 2 x running every week, plus one yoga session and one strength session. Cycling is a bit different – I do one proper cycle and then as many cycle commutes as I can reasonably fit in (the commute being about 35 mins of actual cycling each way). 

This week I did everything except my runs – I had a structured progression run planned one morning but see the above for my complete lack of motivation! I also had to cut my weekend run a bit short as I spent too long chatting after my open water swim!!! But never mind, after a spring marathon my run is currently my strong point.

First open water swim of the season – annual post on how wonderful RG Active is coming up shortly! Basically I had a great session, swam a full 2000m, the water was warm(ish – it felt very cold outside which made the lake feel warmer!). 

Was pretty impressed with my cycling speed – I think I am faster on the bike. I was pretty happy with my average speed for Sunday’s ride – over 15mph which I know doesn’t sound that fast of itself, but when you consider two thirds of the cycle was through the traffic of central London with its traffic lights and traffic jams… I have noticed my usual “just cruising along” speed creep up recently to 30kph, or over 18mph, and my commuting times are happily falling (meaning longer in bed in the morning!)

Went clubbing!!! This happens so rarely but it was a good friend’s 30th birthday so James and I went out for dinner then headed out to Proud in Camden. We chatted a lot and took some photos on front of the quite cool light installation…

Before hitting the dance floor. For hours!!! I was having a fantastic time dancing with James until I walked through the dance floor on my own and was groped by at least 5 guys… Although the slightly dodgy nature of the club was very amusing when we decided to leave, went back to our private area to grab our coats, and stumbled upon two people actually having actual sex in the corner!!! Quite something 🙂


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