Weekly review – tapering and triathlon 

Well, that’s another triathlon training cycle complete! And another Olympic distance triathlon finished. Here’s what I did on taper week:

1) Tapered! Triathlon training was much more minimal than usual as, for a start, I had given my bike to my mum to take up to Leeds so couldn’t do any cycling, and, of course, I was tapering. Training consisted of 2 swims, 1 run and 1 yoga session. It was actually even less than I’d planned due to being very busy at work.

2) Had a bad run. On Monday I decided to run to work at tempo pace, with a few faster 30 seconds thrown in. I was buoyed up by my fast, successful run of the day before. As soon as I started running I knew it wasn’t right. I felt absolutely exhausted, and I struggled to hit paces for 30 seconds that I had managed to hold for 6 km the day before. Normally I would just slow down and make my way to work slower than usual, but as I was tapering, I wanted to be careful about that. The point was to be fully rested and ready for the triathlon on Sunday, not to tire myself out! So I shortened my run, running just to London Bridge tube instead of Canary Wharf. 

3) Went out for a wonderful client dinner at Les 110 de Taillevant. With a name like that, it is obviously a French restaurant! It focuses on its wine, so the set menu comes with a flight of different wines per course, and the main course came with two small different glasses of wine. I had beef medallions which came with two different merlots. It was a really good experience and the food was delicious. The service on the other hand left quite a bit to be desired! For a wine restaurant, they were very slow at bringing out the wines and even seemed to forget about the wine for our main course. We were half way through eating, everyone with empty glasses, when the sommelier came over and realised we hadn’t been served the matching wines… Not great but it was fun nonetheless!

4) Spent Friday night with my cousins and went out for a big brunch on Saturday morning. Mum had decided to break her journey to Leeds with a night at her sister’s in Leamington. So I thought that would be a good excuse for me also to go and to spend some time with my family. We had a relaxed Friday night and then went to a pub down the road for brunch on Saturday – it was delicious! I had an absolutely huge eggs benedict with added avocado, my perfect breakfast.

5) And a triathlon! More on that in the next post (probably on Wednesday)…!


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