Weekly review – literally no training

I mean, really. It has been quite a long time since I did as little training-wise as I did this week! So here are five things I actually did…

1) I worked ridiculously hard towards the beginning of the week. We are going to court on Tuesday which meant last week was very hectic preparing. On Monday I worked solidly from 9am until 2am, and on Tuesday I worked until 10pm. Then Wednesday morning was incredibly hectic with barely time for a toilet break! On these days there is no time for exercise during the day, and I want to maximise all the sleep I can get after working into the middle of the night so again, no training first thing in the morning!

2) Went for a very slow run. After everything had calmed down, about lunch time on Wednesday, I had a bit of room to breathe and decided I would go out for a run. Get some fresh air, listen to a podcast, switch my brain off. Well, I really enjoyed the run, it was exactly what I needed, but I was so slow. My legs just felt incredibly heavy from last week’s triathlon and I had no energy whatsoever. I trudged along slowly for about 35 minutes and left it at that. That was all my exercise!

3) Went to a garden party on Thursday night. It was a bit of a social week with a work summer party to go to. Being England, it poured down with rain by the end of the evening and we all crammed into two small marquees with our drinks. I had no dinner (the canapés were tiny) and numerous glasses of wine so felt quite a bit worse for wear on Friday! I will be better behaved this week 🙂

4) watched one of my university friends get married. Edwina and I lived together in our second year of university and then again when I first moved to London, the year before James and I moved in together. It was quite an incredible wedding, with a Catholic mass held in an Anglican church for the first time since the Reformation (or so said the priest). There were elements from both denominations throughout the service with the two celebrants leading different bits. Very interesting!!! 

And then there was a wonderful reception in Edwina’s garden with champagne and afternoon tea (which is actually a meal, not just a drink for the non-Brits reading this!), followed by dinner in a marquee and lots of dancing to a live band. It was brilliant!

5) Got a bit stressed about the impending EU referendum here in the UK. Let me be clear – the EU is not perfect. For example, it is slow and bureaucratic and not innovative. And the future is uncertain – other countries and trading blocs may be of equal or more importance, Turkey could join, there could be another world war, there could be a zombie attack, the world could end. The future is uncertain.

What is certain is that voting to leave the EU would have an immediate negative effect on our economy. It would be an immediate bureaucratic nightmare as we begin renegotiating agreements worldwide and amending our current laws to reflect a world where we are no longer part of the EU. I could go on for ages about the pros and cons of Brexit – and I may have to in the comments(! – hopefully not!) – but for me the very real risks 100% outweigh potential benefits, that even those arguing for Brexit can’t agree on.

And besides – advising on Brexit has been my job since November and so if we do leave I will have to man “referendum rooms” at work on Friday and through the weekend to deal with panicked clients. So to allow me to save my weekend and have a nice relaxing Friday, please vote in!! 


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