Weekly review – what a week

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed right now – too much work to do, too much to read, too much to think about. So let’s just get right into five things I did this week:

  • I went to Court for three days for my first full trial. Really interesting, also stressful in case anything went wrong and it was my fault. Luckily it didn’t – phew! It also meant pretty busy days – I did two mornings at court and one full day, meaning my normal day’s work didn’t start until at least 3pm and there was a lot to do! I didn’t go to sleep before midnight one night this week and was exhausted by Friday (more on that later!)
  • Started to ease my way back into exercise by making time for a few mid-week training sessions – one swim and one run. The swim was great with some pull buoy lengths to work on my core strength and some 100ms (including one sprint!). I also went for a very hot, humid run after voting on Thursday morning. I tried to keep my effort level relatively easy and was happy with my pace. Plus I enjoyed it and that was the most important thing.
  • Dealt with the aftermath of Brexit. I wrote a rather emotional and over-tired post the night after which is here. It’s personally devastating for a number of reasons both ideological and economic. And the fact that the UK is now in a huge political crisis with no leader and no Opposition. Adding to the uncertainty is the fact that those in charge of the Leave campaign now seem to be suggesting they will seek different agreements with the EU than what was publicised in their campaign (ie saying they will seek to stay in the single market, which means accepting free movement of people, when immigration was a key component of the campaign. Anyway – on a positive note, my job could be very interesting over the next decade as we seek to deal with the legal fall-out, disentangle ourselves from EU law and set up new trading arrangements.
  • Had lunch with my family. My lovely little sister is back from the US for a few weeks before flying out to Majorca (her job is amazing) and so I met up with her, her boyfriend and my mum outside Guildford for lunch. We had a lovely meal including a baked camembert and, although I had originally contemplated cycling back home, I was too full, it was raining, we lunched for a long time… And I really enjoyed the extra hour chatting to my sister in the car!

    • Went to an Alice in Wonderland themed dinner party. It was brilliant, we all dressed up, I of course was Alice, and my friend Imogen had decorated her whole flat. We had a backwards dinner party, starting with cheese and ending with starters, drank a lot of lovely wine and played a lot of dinner party games. It was brilliant.

    So it was a week of work, politics and eating. Not too bad! This week I at least have my bike back so should be able to do some more exercise, but work and Brexit seem to be getting in the way… 


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