Triathlon / running aims

Everything has been slightly up in the air this year and my aims have been shifting constantly.

At the beginning of the year I knew I was going to do one marathon (Brighton) and one triathlon (Leeds). I was toying with the idea of another half Ironman in August / September, hopefully without being sick and then having a car crash in the weeks before!

But then after Brighton Marathon, where I decided to run the whole way with my mum (because how many people get to do a marathon with their mum?!), I began thinking about doing another marathon in the autumn… I mulled on it for a while, looked up various different events in different cities…

I have also for a year or so been thinking that I would like to do an ultra marathon at one point. I blame podcasts entirely for this. And I am sure I will be cursing them when I’m 25 miles in and only half way! I said to myself that if James got a job abroad, I would enter an ultra marathon – more time to train if I don’t have a boyfriend to hang out with! So when James was offered a job in the US, I knew I had a big task ahead of me! 

I have decided to enter the North Downs Way in May next year. Reasons:

  • It is relatively easy to get to the trail from London, meaning I can train on the trails
  • Its meant to be very beautiful (and I know a lot of it is, having walked sections with James and Charlotte last autumn)
  •  it’s in May, meaning I can have a spring marathon as part of my training.

Entries aren’t open yet but it’s in my diary so I will be online first thing that morning!

Which brings me back to plans for this year. With running in the forefront of my mind, I entered Dublin marathon on 30 October. Why Dublin? Well, I want to try to run a marathon in as many countries as possible over my lifetime. So far I’ve managed Spain and the UK – I thought Ireland would be a good place to go next. Its near to home, flights aren’t expensive, and my cousin lives there so I can visit him. 

I then thought about a half Ironman in August, but to be honest, what with being really busy at work, moving house and James leaving to move to the USA I didn’t want to feel I had to train – my priority was to spend time with James rather than train. I am still considering a last minute triathlon entry but more and more think I’ll sack it off and just enjoy some cycles and some long runs.

On the subject of long runs – I have paid for a personalised training plan for the first time ever to help me in my aim of a 15 min PB. And it starts next week!!!!

Marathon number 3 – here we go!


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