June – what a nightmare 

So I’m a bit late to this June recap but I wanted to do it anyway because it’s that posts that have come to replace the written diary I used to keep and so are important and nice for me to read back on!

This June was pretty long though. And it got pretty stressful towards the end as you might have been able to tell if you’re a regular reader! Sorry for all the whinging and I promise to at least try to limit it 🙂 first world problems and all that but for some reason I have just been so stressed.

Earlier this week, as I cycled home in the sunset of a glorious summers day, I realised there were 2 other reasons for my stress: firstly, the weather. I need a little bit of vitamin D to keep me happy, especially in the summer! Grey skies and rain make me sad. And secondly, not cycling to work. Just those 40 minutes of being outdoors rather than underground put a huge smile on my face and set me up right for the day ahead!

But anyway. All that aside, here’s my monthly recap.

No flights this month! Two long train journeys, two long car journeys, four different beds – at my aunt and uncle’s, in Leeds before the Leeds triathlon, at an air bnb in Cirencester, and my own! My most popular Instagram posts were:

In June I:

Swam: 5,537m in 5 swims – significantly down on last months 9,517m and only helped out by the fact I did quite a lot of swimming pre-triathlon at the beginning of the month!

Cycled: 119.7km – back down to low numbers this month, mainly because I didn’t actually have my bike for three weeks due to my mum taking it up to Leeds triathlon for me! I hope to get those numbers back up in July and keep them high in August now I have my bike back and hopefully will be a bit quieter at work.

Ran: 46.5km – only a few kilometres less than last month so I am quite pleased with that. Not as much as I would have liked but I am managing to keep a reasonable amount of running going in between marathon training cycles!

Yoga : just 2 yoga classes last month – I am getting back into yoga this month now I have discovered the 10am outdoors Brixton Yoga classes. A perfect way to start off the weekend!

Strength train: only one session this month… which may explain how sore my muscles were afterwards!


I finally finished The Great War for Civilization by Robert Fisk. I will review it on the blog – I’ve already half-written the post. It was brilliant, incredibly insightful and I suppose quite timely given the Chilcot Report has just come out in Britain. I learnt such an incredible amount and also just enjoyed reading the book.

Thus Bad Begins by Javier Morias – which I reviewed on the blog here.

The Dice Man by Luke Reinhardt – a re-read of a book I loved while at university, about a man who decides to start living his life entirely by rolling a die. It’s incredibly nihilistic, all about breaking down the things that make up a person’s character and life. I still really enjoyed the book on the re-read but I didn’t feel the same level of connection with it. I think now that I know more where my life is going than I did when at university I am more settled and confident in myself and therefore less seduced by the idea of having no plan, being a different person with every roll of the die, and relinquishing my choices entirely to something else!

My best moment in June was either a wonderful afternoon and evening at my friend’s glorious English countryside wedding….

Or soaring down the hill on the final lap of the bike course at the Leeds triathlon, knowing I’d beat my bike PB, really pleased with my time and effort (of course it all fell apart on the run!)

Right now I am:

Reading: Dispatches by Michael Herr – an incredible book from a Vietnam war correspondent.

Listening to: (and watching) the Tour de France! I LOVE the Tour de France. I love that both Cav and Sagan have been doing so well. I can’t wait to see Froome and Quintana battle it out in the mountains, I am really hoping Geraint Thomas gets a chance to shine and gives his trademark amusing interviews, I love watching the Orica Bike Exchange backstage pass youtube videos. And the French countryside is so stunningly beautiful, I want to be out there cycling up those hills. On the other hand – it is slightly annoying having an hour of television (the highlights) to watch EVERY DAY. I never watch this much TV!

Enjoying: the summer! It rained today but the rest of this week has been glorious and I have loved cycling into work in the sun, having after-work drinks outdoors, generally just enjoying spending time outside with blue skies.

Excited about: moving house! We are getting closer and closer and it is looking now like it will actually happen and I am SO excited to move in and unpack all our stuff! It could still all go downhill but I really have my fingers crossed…. we should be exchanging early next week and it will be SUCH a relief once that happens.


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