Dublin marathon – week 2

What a week! I had four days off work to move house which just turned out to be in a heatwave. I am absolutely in love with my new home and am just waiting for something to go wrong as it feels too good to be true. I just honestly cannot tell you how happy I am.

That’s me sunbathing in the back garden on Saturday (not going to lie, my general happiness is definitely helped by the amazing weather!). I took four days off work to move and settle in to the new place and James’ parents came down to help us.  I knew it would be a bit of a challenge fitting in exercising – I didn’t want to leave everyone else working on the house while I went off for a run. In the end I was pleasantly surprised…

Run 1: the tempo run. 6 miles in total, with 4 at tempo speed. We needed to go to Ikea, Homebase and the skip but the car was completely filled with stuff to be thrown out. So it gave me the perfect excuse to fit a run in – I would run to the skip and meet James and his dad there! I ran a mile and a half slow, without even looking at my speed and then picked it up for the tempo miles. I definately found this harder than the previous week – but it was about 10 degrees hotter and I had been lugging heavy boxes around and constantly on my feet so I wasn’t too surprised about that. I was also not entirely prepared for the heat (35 degrees C! That’s basically the hottest it ever gets in the UK!) and had to stop at a supermarket to buy extra water to fill up my camelbak and tip all over me. Once I’d done that, I felt much better!

I reached Homebase after 5 miles and by this point the heat had really gotten to me. I took a 10 minute break in the shade in the car park then headed out to finish the run once my body temperature had cooled slightly! It really was a ridiculously hot day.

But not only did I get the run in, I managed to hit the paces on my training plan despite the heat so I was pretty happy!

Run 2 – the long run (10 miles). This run was important, due to missing my long run last week, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to fit it in until I remembered I had signed up to the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge, a 5.6km race that I wrote about in more detail here. I ran to the race, slowly around the race, and then home again, with an average pace of 9.47/mile – my target was 10-10.30 / mile so even though it wasn’t one continuous run, given the heat I was quite pleased with myself!

Run 3 – the interval run. I’ve been thinking about going for a new Park run (5km) PB for a while now, to get under the 25 minute mark and so I thought I might replace the interval session with Park run. But as I slowly jogged the km or so to the start line I realised that it was probably not going to be the best day for a PB. It was still ridiculously hot, I’d forgotten to bring any water, and I’d been up until midnight on my feet unpacking. I began the run determined to still try, and was running nice and fast, but after the top of the first hill I felt I just could not keep going. 

So I stopped, and turned it back into an interval run, taking a short rest at the top of each hill but really pushing myself when running. I got round in under 25 minutes of running which is a good start! It is going to be a bit cooler next week so I will try again for an official PB then.

Cross-training: as my training plan only involves 3 runs, Cross-training is pretty important. This week it mainly consisted of lugging heavy boxes around and a few short cycles in between my old flat and new house. I did get to Brockwell Lido on Monday for an outdoor swim in the sun which was glorious – freezing when I first got in and then lovely. I swam for about 25 minutes then started to panic about how much there was left to pack up at home!

Something fun that was nothing to do with training: settling into my new home!!! It is so wonderful. We had a house-warming party on Saturday afternoon / evening, with about 20 people round for pimms and nibbles in our garden. As it got dark we lit candles and ordered pizza – it was a lovely, lovely day.


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