Dublin marathon training week 3 – 12 miles 

I had a bit of an emotional week, still settling into my new home and then James leaving to go and work in the US for two years. He’s got a job at the University of Notre Dame so now lives in South Bend, Indiana. Big changes for us both therefore – we’ve lived together for over four years so it’s going to be very strange to live apart! After the emotional week, I had an active weekend which was exactly what I needed, waking up this morning both refreshed and exhausted!

Run 1: the tempo run. I was struggling to fit workouts in mid-week because I was very busy at work and I just wanted to spend as much time as possible with James before he left. So my first run came the morning James left. He was leaving early so I figured I would have much more time than usual and toyed with the idea of doing my long run for the week on the way to work.

But in the end, James left, I went up to my bed to cuddle Oscar-cat and have a little cry, I then didn’t have time for a long run and had no desire for the tempo run. I was all dressed in my running kit though… In the end, I ran 1 mile to Brixton station, got public transport to work, and then as I’d started work early, took a long lunch break for a 5 mile run.

I ran the first mile slow and relaxed and then picked the pace up along the canal. My training plan required the tempo miles to be at 8.50/mile pace, I ran at about 8.30 so I was happy with that!

Run 2 – the interval run. I sacked off running intervals for park run instead, with my eye on getting that PB. I got an early night on Friday, mum arrived bright and early Saturday morning, and we had some breakfast before slowly jogging the 1km to the park. A 5km is so mental – so much of it is in the mind rather than on the feet. Normally as I’m making my way there my mind is coming up with so many excuses as to why its not a good idea to go all out. This week my ankle felt slightly sore but I banished all thoughts of that from my mind and sure enough, it didn’t trouble me at all.

I set off with some slow people in front of me and so had to dash onto the grass and around a few people before getting into my stride. I felt absolutely fine up the first hill, and along the flat felt as if I could run faster. I knew I still had two hills to go though so kept to my planned pace. I slowed a little on the second, steep hill but not too drastically – and then on the last hill I kept telling myself that the quicker I ran up it, the quicker it would all be over! Along the last flat section I had two girls in my sights. I caught up to both of them and then sprinted to the finish with one of the girls right beside me.

24 minutes 45!!! A 30 second PB and my first time ever under 25 minutes. Annoyingly though I’d forgotten my barcode so only had the time on my watch rather than an official Park run time – no worries, I’ll just have to try again next week!

Run 3 – the long run – 12 miles. I was pretty tired on Sunday morning but was quite looking forward to a chance to just run, headphones in, without thinking at all about pace. I did some chores in the morning and a bit of work and then headed out mid-afternoon. 

Dublin marathon has a few hills in it so I decided to seek out some for my long run, no easy task in central London! I started by running over to Brockwell Park – I think the hills are almost harder when you slowly jog up rather than run up at 5km pace because they take so much longer! Then it was back home for a quick toilet stop before running towards Clapham Common, across the Common and then towards Battersea. I ran into the park then over the bridge (a little hill!) to watch the Ride London people coming in for the end of their 100 miles. I’d absolutely love to do this – a 100 mile ride on closed roads in and around London. I didn’t get in this year but will try again!

That was the 8 mile point, so I turned around and ran home, including having to run up one very steep hill at the 9 mile mark. I think I did a pretty good job of getting in some elevation!

(I’m switching up my fueling which I’ll probably blog more about later…)

12 miles at an average pace of 9.40 with a negative split. On my training plan I was to run between 10-10.30/ mile. However, I decided to leave my watch behind and just run what felt to me like an easy, comfortable pace all the way – so I was very pleased!

I’m very sore and tired today though…

Cross-training: I should probably do some swimming at some point. Instead, last week I cycled to and from work twice, did a 20 min strength workout and went to a 90 minute difficult yoga class on Saturday (straight after my Park run PB!)

Something fun that was nothing to do with running: the afternoon I had with my mum on Saturday, traipsing around furniture shops together and walking through central London…

Before walking down to the mall and watching the Prudential Ride London women’s professional Classique race – 12 laps of a tight 5.5km course in front of Buckingham Palace.

It was awesome, the riders were so close and so fast-paced, it was really exciting to see them come by.

Ride London is a yearly weekend long festival of cycling. On the Saturday, roads in central London are closed to traffic for a family friendly cycle route, there’s the women’s criterium and the Brompton world championships. Then the Sunday sees an amateur 100mile sportive followed by a professional road race. Really good fun and we’ll worth getting involved in!


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