July – big changes!

I really can’t believe it’s August already. August and it doesn’t feel like we’ve had much of a summer – one glorious week of sun and warmth and the rest of grey skies and wind. But then we did have that one week of summer – which coincided with me having a week off work to move house, perfect timing! 

It was the first month of the year where I didn’t actually go anywhere. No long train journeys, no flights, no long drives. I slept in two different beds – my own, in my flat, and my own, in my new house!

My most popular Instagram photos were:

In terms of training, moving house took precedence. My stats were as follows:

Swimming: 1500m… Oops…

Cycling: 214km – over 100km more than last month! To be honest I was a bit surprised by this, but that’s what comes of a few long weekend cycles and consistent cycling into work. I also realised I cycled over 400km in May so really, June just saw very little cycling!

Running:97km! Again – more than double last month and the most since March – can you tell I am back to marathon training?!

Yoga: 3 classes, all of which were 90 mins long rather than my usual 40 minute classes. I’ve got into a good habit of going to Brixton Yoga in the park on Saturdays and I intend to keep it up (weather permitting!).

Strength train: two sessions this month.

I’m generally quite pleased with my training this month. It has not been my priority at all, there being numerous other things that I considered far more important, and I had a number of early mornings and late nights at work which always eats into training time! But I did get a 5km PB this month so my fitness is clearly okay despite all of that 🙂


Dispatches by Michael Herr – an absolutely brilliant book about being a Vietnam war journalist – stunning language and descriptions, at times amusing, at times devastating.

The Past by Tessa Hadley – I remember really enjoying this book and reading it really quickly – a good easy read – but when I started writing this I couldn’t remember at all what it was about! Which is a bit of a sign really. Memory jogged, it was about a family spending a summer in their old family home, different paragraphs from different people’s perspectives, interesting and enjoyable but nothing really special.

America by Jean Baudrillard – a travel book by a French postmodernist philosopher, I am going to review this book properly, but in short – a difficult book in terms of the style of writing that you need to concentrate on, but with many wonderfully beautiful passages that brought a smile to my face, and many other passages I read aloud to James because of their brilliance.

My best moment in July was moving into our new house! The whole week of moving was wonderful – getting into the house and realising it was just as lovely as I remembered, meeting my new neighbours, having champagne in the garden every night for a week, sunbathing in the warm weather, packing everything away and realising we still had cupboard space! It was brilliant.

(The worst moment was James leaving last Thursday)

Right now I am:

Reading: The Sellout by Paul Beatty. Last year I read and reviewed every book longlisted for the Booker Prize and I’ve started to do the same this year. I am really enjoying this first book.

Listening to: (and watching) – I am actually gearing up for the Olympics, I will be glued to the TV while it is on! I love the Olympics.

Enjoying: still settling into my new home. I still have furniture to buy, curtains to put up, my sofa to arrive… Its all very exciting!

Excited about: my plans for August. I am trying to keep myself busy now James is away and so I have one weekend planned visiting my sister in the sun in Mallorca, and another long weekend over my mum’s birthday where the plan is to cycle around the Isle of Wight (about 100km) with my family. 



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