Dublin marathon training week 4 – rest week

Its been a week of ups and downs to be honest – both in training and emotionally. I should admit (because it’s a huge part of it and often not mentioned) that it was leading to being that time of the month – that not only saps my energy but also means my emotions are all over the place and I also seem less able to happily deal with stress at work.

Run 1

I slept really badly after a busy, long day at work that started at 8am and didn’t finish until 10pm. I was already mentally not there as I really wanted to just go back to sleep… But a kitty wanting cuddles and attention made me get up.

Last weekend my right ankle had started hurting when running and although it had eased off over the beginning of the week it was really  sore as soon as I started running. I had planned a 7 mile route to run before work but I found it so hard – my legs were sore and tired, my ankle was painful and affecting my gait. (I wrote the above 2 paras about the run immediately after it so you can see how rubbish I felt!)

I cut the run short after 2 miles and got the tube into work, feeling completely rubbish.

This rubbishness continued throughout the day as I thought about how I would have to do the exact same thing the next day and how I would best fit it in with work. Then, towards the end of the afternoon, I just decided to not run the next day. No matter how I felt, I made the decision I wouldn’t run and I would take the day off. Immediately everything felt lighter. A friend texted inviting me for a drink so I left work at 8.30pm and polished off half a bottle of wine in an hour while having a good chat. The next day, I felt so much better and so much happier!

Which takes me to Run 2….

Run 2 – the long/tempo run. This week, as a rest week, I didn’t have a tempo run OR a long run – I just had one 7 mile run and one 8 mile run. I ended up not doing the 8 mile run and just going for 7 miles. I went for it on Friday morning after a full day off exercise, and with work calming down slightly. I had a LOVELY run, at a nice 9.30/mile pace which felt absolutely fine, no ankle pain and lots more energy. It was a really nice route through the parks of London – Clapham Common, Battersea Park, Hyde Park and then Green Park!

Some lovely views of London sites on the way….

Run 3 – the interval run. This was meant to be a hills interval session, but as I really wanted an official park run PB, I went for Brockwell Parkrun instead. It’s a pretty hilly 5km so I was confident I wasn’t taking the easy option! It was much hotter than the previous week and definitely felt harder, partly because I didn’t have a bunch of girls around me running the same pace that I could push myself against! But I managed 24.56 minutes, a new Parkrun PB and an official Parkrun time under 25 minutes so I was very pleased. Only to find out later in the week that a new Masters world record had been sent by 85 year old Ed Whitlock in 24 minutes 3 seconds!!! Ridiculous. Something for us all to aim for 🙂

Cross-training: One swim, one strength training session, a few cycles into work, one outdoor yoga session and one lovely weekend cycle in the sun for a total of just over 9 hours training this week.

Something fun that was nothing to do with running: As this weekend approached, I was slightly dreading it. It was to be my first weekend since James left with absolutely no plans and I was worried I would go from Friday night to Monday morning without talking to anyone. As it turned out, I was invited last minute by a school friend to join her at the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall to watch the National Youth Orchestra. What an incredible building, and the music was absolutely brilliant. I really enjoyed the whole evening.

And then, again planned very last minute, on Saturday morning two university friends popped round for a cup of tea and a chat in the sun. I am all about embracing the spontaneity now James is away! Not my usual comfort zone but hey we have to try new things once in a while 😀

So although the week started badly, it finished on a high and I have to say I feel much better already this week!



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  1. Glad you’re feeling better this week! It’s good to hear what it’s really like. It’s tiring and sometimes you just need a break! Way to realize that and to hang in there. Best of luck in your training, sounds like you are doing great!! xx

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