Dublin marathon training week 5 – 13 miles 

I meant to post this yesterday but got all distracted watching the Olympics…

Oh what a lovely week. Hit all my workouts (eventually), tried something new and spent time with some of my oldest friends.

Run 1 – the interval run

I’ve gone back to proper intervals rather than park runs this week. I thought it was about time I followed my training plan (that I paid for!) properly and so I was back on the treadmill on Tuesday lunch time. It fit in pretty well because the Olympics was on so it was a good excuse to watch the Olympics during my lunch hour.

I was really, really pleased with these intervals. 8 x 400m with each interval at less than 2 minutes. Last time I did this, I did 6 of the intervals. This time I went faster during the intervals, did more of them, and felt relatively comfortable throughout. Not as in I wasn’t pushing myself – but I was able to recover in the rest periods and felt I could have done more. All my intervals were less than 2 minutes and my fastest was in just over 1m55.

I always forget how much I love intervals! But this week I have to run miles – that’s getting more towards tempo running….

Run 2 – the tempo run

Talking of tempo running, I hate tempo miles. I really do. I’m rubbish at pacing so I think I always run too fast and I just find it hard. I find it mentally hard to keep going, and, in London we have to stop quite regularly at traffic lights and I always take quite a long time to walk across the road when the lights change.

I had planned to run into work and I had a whole running route sorted but when my alarm went off on Thursday morning, I felt just exhausted. A few late nights at work and early starts had gotten to me. I got up but then just went back to bed – not back to sleep, but for a bit of a longer rest. Then on Friday, I was working from home so went out for a slightly long lunch break to get the run in.

It was a beautiful day – wonderful for working from home (hard decision whether to soak up the sun by working in the garden or watch the Olympics!) – but not so good for 4 tempo miles, given it was 26 degrees! I ran slowly for the first two miles – slowly in terms of effort but actually it turned out my speed was great! And then picked it up for the horrible tempo miles. I ran about 20 secs per mile faster than I had to, and then cooled down with a final slow mile for 7 in total.

Really pleased to get that one over!

Run 3 – the long run. This almost didn’t happen. I was exhausted after Sunday mornings activities (see below) and came home for an hour or so of Olympics watching followed by a nap. When I woke up again shortly after 3pm I felt much better and the sun was shining so off I went!

It was almost too hot but as this was just a slow run I didn’t mind too much. I had to run at about a 10.20/mile pace, but I didn’t have my watch so I ran gently and just waited for my phone to tell me how fast I’d run each mile. After a slow few initial miles my easy pace sped up slightly and I was running very comfortably around a 10 minute mile pace. That’s not much slower than my goal marathon pace so I’m quite happy with that! 

I ran through 3 of London’s parks – Clapham Common, Battersea Park and Hyde Park – the last two absolutely thronged with people enjoying the last of the sun. It was a new long run route for me and I quite enjoyed it! I ran just over 13 miles in just over 2 hours at what felt like a very easy pace (until the last few miles when I picked the pace up!). I should perhaps have run easier, nearer the goal pace, but I did try to do it on effort instead so I’m happy.

Cross-training: I trained for 8 hours in total this week. I do have to do some swimming now that I’m training for a triathlon but my first swim was a disaster. I bought these new open water swim goggles a few months ago now and I have just had so many problems with them leaking. I got incredibly fed up about half way into my swim and gave up after just 20 minutes. It’s no fun when your goggles leak every time you put your face into the water. I have now bought new googles finally! I also did manage some cycling to and from work, and something entirely new on Sunday morning… Trapezing! More on that in a future post.

Something fun that was nothing to do with running: I had to work from home on Friday due to having a delivery. So on Thursday evening, after a rubbish start to the week, I left early and had drinks with several of my colleagues at a bar outside the office. We were there for well over 3 hours which led to me feeling slightly slow on Friday morning… then I had a lovely day working from home on Friday, alternating working in front of the Olympics or in my garden. I finished early and my school friends came round for dinner – we had wine and takeaway in the sun, catching up with people I have been friends with for almost 18 years now! One of my friends is in a choir so we went to watch them sing and then had a bit of a dance, before coming back to my house and chatting until almost 2am!!!

As a result, I spent Saturday entirely on the sofa watching the Olympics ALL DAY. Which was an entirely different kind of fun – but to be honest I was quite happy with the excuse to just watch the Olympics as otherwise I would have felt torn between that and actually doing something…!




  1. Sounds like you’re doing well! You’re training seems quite similar to mine as I’ve only been running 3 times a week too but making myself to intervals etc. Loving the olympics but I have to put up with American commentary now where obviously they just talk about the American athletes. Booooooo!

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