Oh I am loving the Olympics. Some of the swimming and athletics is clearly tainted because of the presence of drugs – I’d hard to know which performances are real and which are enhanced and I have to admit to a slight feeling of suspicion every time a Russian athlete does well. But on the other hand, there are so many amazing inspiring performances, so much joy but also sorrow. There really is so much to be inspired by. The BBC have a wonderful resource on their website for those that have been inspired with information on how you can get involved in all the different sports, and the reporters are really emphasising how some of those now winning medals were inspired to go to Rio by the London Olympics. Its fantastic.

So without further ado – here have been some of my favourite moments that you should really try to watch!

  • Almaz Ayana winning the 10,000m and smashing the world record – I was almost crying as I watched her last few laps, running so strong and fast, looking incredible. It was a ridiculously fast and amazing race all round – the top 13 women in the race all ran national records or personal bests. Such a difference to Mo Farah’s races. Although I think he’s wonderful, he is so far above the rest of the field that the races aren’t that exciting, not that fast, no real competition.
  • Jo Pavey in the same race, competing at her 5th Olympic games and coming 15th with a season’s best. I loved her attitude in the post-race interviews. She said she hadn’t done as well as she would have wanted to but showed no disappointment, just incredible pride to be in the Olympics – “it’s an Olympic games, it’s special“.
  • In the heptathlon, where GB had both Jessica Ennis-Hill trying to defend her title and Katarina Johnson-Thompsom as the youngster coming up. I absolutely loved watching the high jump – Nafi Thiam (the eventual winner) and KJT soaring so gracefully over the high jump and KJT’s wonderful smiling face congratulating Nafi on an incredible jump – both so happy with themselves and each other. Both girls achieved new lifetime bests and the happiness and shock on their faces almost brought me to tears.


  • Bryony Page winning Britain’s first Olympic medal in trampolining and completely unable to believe it – her interview, stumbling over her words and unable to speak through her huge smile is exactly what the Olympics should be about!
  • Martyn Rooney in the men’s 400m not doing particularly well. When asked what happened he responded: “I just ran like a dick… Oh I’m just gutted, fuck.” A very British way of describing it! And the commentator’s response was also very British – “that was a very concise analysis“.


  • Another Brit medal hope, Greg Rutherford in the long jump. In his post-race interview he was blinking back the tears: “I never in my life thought I would be disappointed with a bronze medal but I’m just gutted“.
  • Simone Biles – the incredible US gymnast – shocking the world by not winning the beam finals with a slight wobble. But very quickly recovering from her disappointment to watch, cheer on and congratulate her team mate and competitor on a perfect routine.
  • Both Simone Biles and Ally Raisman just absolutely wow-ing in the floor finals (well, all the way through the Olympics to be honest). An involuntary “fucking hell” came out of my mouth as I watched Ally Raisman’s first tumble and a huge smile was on my face all the way through watching Simone Biles. The two are just absolutely incredible and beautiful to watch.
  • Katy Ledecky’s incredible swimming – almost half a pool beyond everyone else.
  • The British men racing each other in the cycling sprint final – and holding our breath in case the same happened with the women! Sadly it was not to be but silver and bronze is not to be sniffed at.
  • The fact that every single British track cyclist got a medal #worlddomination – it is so wonderful to have a sport that I love so much be the one that everyone is talking about and that is so important to the UK – just wait for the triathlon!
  • Everything about the Omnium.
  • Everything about Laura Trott.


Actually – everything about women’s sport in general. There’s a lot of stuff in the media about sexist coverage of the Olympics but I think a lot of it is related to the American coverage because I have heard relatively little – other than incredible female athletes being compared to male athletes. Which is because, let’s face it, that’s still the highest praise we can give them, the male athletes from years past are still the most famous athletes. Time will change that.

What’s important here is that the Olympics are one of the few occasions (in the UK at least) where women’s sport is shown on an equal par with men’s, where  women are shown as strong and powerful and fast AND emotional. And, in some sports – graceful and beautiful too. If you’re a young girl just learning about makeup and loving it, you don’t need to give up mascara and hair straighteners to excel at your sport. You can still look beautiful – you just have to work fucking hard as well! 

I think I have to stop there because I could just go on and on and on about the amazing things at the Olympics and there are new things every day. You can see that my list of favourite moments was made up not only of incredible athletic feats, but also attitude – people supporting their team members, really caring about it, emotion.


As one of the BBC commentators shouted about rowers Glover and Stanning…

They are fearless, they are without equal, they are history makers.

This could apply to so many athletes I don’t actually think it’s worth saying about any one individual – BUT I LOVE THE OLYMPICS!!! Are you watching? Tell me all your favourite moments!



  1. Barring some unforseen circumstance I don’t think think there is anyway at least one Brownlee won’t bee on the podium in the triathlon. It is sad that Gomez isn’t there though. Probably the last chance for a showdown there.

  2. I’m loving the Olympics too!!! Especially the swimming and gymnastics. And I think I need to watch BBC coverage -that Rooney reaction is hilarious….and completely real. Some of the US stuff is so polished – it’s almost as if the athletes have been trained in how to appropriately talk to the media and therefore come across as really boring and scripted. Except some of the first-time olympians in the swimming who unexpectedly won medals – they were just thrilled and natural.

  3. It took me a while to get into it this time around, the time difference not helping. But I’ve been watching the cycling (btw wtf is the Omnium all about – I watched it and cheered loudly, but still have very little idea what actually happened!). I also like the way that each time a completely random sport will catch the attention.

    • I have had so little time for the random sports which makes me quite sad!!! I grew up sailing and haven’t even been able to watch that yet (but I have it all recorded….!)

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