Dublin marathon training week 6 – a missed 14 miles and Majorca!

Training wasn’t perfect this week because I was travelling but I was reasonably happy nonetheless – it feels as if it was a very long week as I’ve had a full-on weekend break into which we packed in so much stuff! It was awesome.

Run 1 – the tempo run. This run is always my least favourite but I was pleasantly surprised this week. On a slightly colder than usual, but still sunny, morning I set off for an 8 mile run with 5 faster miles. I had a new route planned that would take me through Clapham Common, up towards Vauxhall, and then all the way along the river to Bermondsey, where I’d jump on the tube. Honestly, it was great. I really had no problem hitting my paces and it was lovely running along the South Bank. I’ve done that during the weekend and found it to be a nightmare due to the number of pedestrians but it was fine in the morning and the worst bit was around London Bridge with everyone getting off the tube / trains!

Run 2 – the interval run. The first time I’d ever done mile repeats, at an 8.30 min / mile pace. Not too fast but it turns out mile repeats are really hard!!! I only had to do three and I really couldn’t wait for them to be over. On the bright side, it was a good opportunity to watch Jason Kenny win the Kieren in the Olympics.

Run 3 – the long run. Which ended up being not such a long run. I spent the weekend in Majorca visiting my family. I’d planned to run with my sister the Sunday morning, forgetting anything about distance or speed but just having some time with her. Except she forgot her trainers!

 I ended up with 2 hours to run on Sunday morning, fell back asleep after being woken up, to end up with just 45 minutes. Oh well – I’d had a hard week and slept really badly the night before so obviously needed the sleep! As soon as I started running though I was annoyed at myself as it was glorious. We were moored on a boat at Porto de Soller in Majorca so I ran right around the curve of the horseshoe bay, past the marina, the beach and all the restaurants. I then began climbing a number of switchbacks towards the lighthouse at the opening of the bay to the sea.

I almost made it all the way but had to turn round to make it back to my family in time for breakfast. Running down the hill was great fun and the whole run was just brilliant – I really wished I’d given myself more time!

I am not too worried about missing the 14 miles. It does make it more important to get in next week’s run (16 miles) but it’s now my third round of marathon training and so I know enough not to get too stressed out about a few missed runs when life gets in the way.

Cross-training: quite a bit of cycling this week even though it was just to and from work, one strength training session, some attempts at practicing Crow pose in my living room and some sea swimming.

It has been a really long time since I swam in the sea and I kept getting salty water in my mouth and in my nose making me feel really quite sick. Lots more practice needed if I was to race in the sea I think!

Something fun that was nothing to do with running: Mallorca!! More posts to come on my trip there but basically I had an incredible weekend, flying out after work on Friday and back late on Sunday night. My sister works there and my dad has a yacht there so I headed out for a family weekend of sailing, eating and exploring. We did all of that and had a fantastic time.


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