Dublin marathon training week 7 – hill repeats and cycles

I didn’t arrive back from my wonderful trip to Mallorca until after 2am on Monday morning so I was EXHAUSTED on Monday. It was a really busy week with meetings and a dentist appointment (you may have noticed from my photos of last week that I only had half a tooth!). That meant all my runs got squished into the last part of the week – and by all my runs I mean two of them as I did the last one, the long one, today – Monday.

Run 1 – the tempo run 

A wonderful, wonderful run to work – 8 miles with 6 miles at a tempo pace of 9.20. Every mile but one (at 9:11) was under 9 minutes a mile and I really wasn’t trying to run that hard. As I was running I realised that it felt – not effortless – but easy. I just felt in my stride, that I was cruising along, breathing relatively naturally, lost in listening to my podcast and watching what was going on around me. It all just felt fantastic. Although I was quite stiff by the afternoon so clearly was working harder than it felt!

Run 2 – the hill run: no intervals this week but hill repeats instead. I did these the day after the previous run and my legs felt SO heavy as I headed out. I didn’t have quite enough time due to having a dentist appointment I had to get to so decided to just fit the hill repeats in as best I could in Brockwell Park. The first few hills still felt awful but gradually my legs warmed up so I felt slightly less awful. I ran up and down the hills, zoning out to my podcast and just getting it done and then had to do 4 x 10 second hill sprints. These were fine – 10 seconds is a small amount of time so I just ran up as fast as I could!

Then I had 4 miles to run to get to the dentist so off I went, settling into it as I went – I ended up enjoying the run despite the heavy legs.

Run 3 – the long run: I ran on the bank holiday Monday so I’ll include this in next week’s recap!

Cross-training: some pretty good cross-training this week with one swim, 5 or so hours of cycle commuting and then a long cycle with my family around the Isle of Wight on the bank holiday weekend. Just over 13 hours in total!

Something fun that was nothing to do with running:

Just the entire weekend with my family. Its my mum’s birthday so we had a plan to cycle around the Isle of Wight with my aunt, uncle, cousins and their boyfriends. Then my sister decided to come home from Mallorca for the weekend as a surprise! So she arrived at my house on Friday night and then we caught the train to the south coast on Saturday morning.

Saturday was spent eating, drinking and chatting with the family. Then on Sunday we were up before 7am to get the ferry to the Isle of Wight to cycle the 66 mile route around it, all 10 of us! More on that in another post but we had a wonderful day, fuelling with cafe stops and pub lunches, stopping wherever the views were good. We didn’t get home until after 8pm so we were a tired and hungry group at dinner! And then sound asleep before 11! A fantastic weekend.


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