August – summer arrived!

The end of the summer… It may only have lasted a month but it was a great month despite losing my lovely James to the USA. Perhaps because August was a very busy month, with everyone else away on holiday, work was manic but I still wanted to fit in after-work drinks with those who had less work, and I had lots of busy weekends!

I had 2 flights, 2 train journeys and 2 ferry rides this August, sleeping in 3 different beds – on my dad’s boat in Mallorca, in my mum’s bed for a weekend at home (and a trip to the Isle of Wight!) and of course in my own brand new bed in my new house! I feel completely settled in now and I absolutely love it.

My most popular Instagram posts (I’m @adarling575) were:

I picked up my training this month as the miles built up for marathon training and I got into the habit of cycling to work in the sun.

Swimming: 3654m – over double last month but that doesn’t exactly say much! I’m still not swimming a huge amount but I am getting in the pool once a week so I think that’s okay to keep things ticking along.

Cycling: 416.5km – again, almost double last month due to regular cycling into work and a few long cycles. I’m really improving my bike handling skills as I blogged about here.

Running: 145.2km – 50km more than last month and the most I’ve run since March. I’m a few months in to marathon training for my third marathon now and still loving it.

Yoga: only one yoga class this month as I was away for a few weekends so couldn’t make my Saturday morning class and I’m out of the habit of my work yoga classes.

Strength training: 4 sessions – 3 normal strength training sessions in the gym and one trapezing class which was definitely a strength workout given my sore muscles after!

Read: I started my challenge of reading all the books on the Booker longlist this year (review post coming up!) and got really stuck in, reading five books this month! Watch out on the blog for reviews of all 5 coming up on Fridays (my kindle broke so I couldn’t post my first last Friday as planned!).

The Sellout by Paul Beatty – a brilliant satire on race in America, laugh-out-loud funny and clever combined with beautiful writing and lyrical descriptions.

Hystopia by David Means – a dystopian novel set in Vietnam-era America. At times confusing, I still haven’t quite got my head around this one! I wasn’t convinced by the beginning but was fully drawn in by the end.

The Many by Wyl Menmuir – a wonderful, haunting book on grief and loss with a few surprising twists at the end.

His Bloody Project by Graeme Macrae Burnet – perhaps a surprising choice for the Booker, this tale of murder, lust and deprivation set in the Scottish Highlands was gripping from start to finish.

Work like any other by Virginia Reeves – set in the Deep South of America, a tale of guilt and family and friendship, class, race and poverty. I really enjoyed this one.

My best moment in August was a morning spent on my dad’s boat in Mallorca with my sister and her boyfriend. I loved swimming in the crystal clear waters, failing to stand upright on the stand-up paddle board, sailing under clear blue skies and chatting to my sister.

Right now I am:

Reading: All that Man is by I was quite enjoying this book but then on Tuesday night I spent a long time reading it and really began to dial in to what it is about. Now I am REALLY enjoying it!

Listening to: I downloaded a bunch of new running podcasts and I am currently loving Trail Talk – “bitesize” episodes (less than half an hour long) with training tips and running stories.

Enjoying: oh several things. The blue skies and sunny weather we are still having, making me happy to get out of bed every morning and run or cycle to work. Weekends full of socialising with  family and friends. Watching some of the Olympics that I recorded over the last two weeks but didn’t get the chance to watch.

Looking forward to: next week! I am off to the USA for a long weekend visiting James in Chicago and South Bend. I’ve booked a lovely hotel in Chicago for our first few nights and then I’ll be staying in James’ little house in South Bend. I can’t wait!


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