Dublin marathon training week 16 – race week!

The last week! And it ended with a marathon! Which – by the way – went really well. A race recap will follow but I ran 4.12 (from a 4.15 goal), had a fantastic race, loved Dublin and am in agony today.

Run 1: my training plan this week called for two 3 miles runs, one at marathon pace (9.40), and the other at a slow easy pace. I got on the treadmill for run 1 intending to run 9.40 but due to getting confused with numbers I ended up with an average speed nearer to 10/mile. That was stupidity rather than energy levels though, I felt great and generally just enjoyed the run.

Run 2: it was a beautifully sunny day so I headed outside for my second run of the week. After the first few minutes I knew it was going to be rubbish. I wasn’t sure why, but my legs and feet felt so heavy, like I’d attached weights to my trainers. I ran about a mile, feeling awful all the way, then decided the run was a waste of time. The key for the week was the marathon, not pushing myself when my body felt like shit. So I turned around, walked for a bit, and then ran another half a mile or so back to the office. It was a bit demoralising but I was sure it was going to have no effect on my marathon performance – I felt confident enough that I would have lost those unasked-for extra weights on my legs by the time of Sundays race.

Run 3: 26.2 miles! Or 28.5 according to my Garmin… More on that later. Third marathon complete 😀

Cross-training: very limited this week as rest was my aim. I did cycle to and from work a bit and did some strength training for a total of almost 8 hours training.

Something fun that was nothing to do with running: the most fun thing this week was fully to do with running – the marathon. So it may be cheating somewhat but I would like to say that my “something fun” was my entire weekend in Dublin – from lunch with my cousin and his girlfriend, to spending time with my mum, to soaking up all the pre and post marathon atmosphere. It was a fantastic weekend.

Now I’m already looking ahead to the next challenge!!


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