The off season 

I’ve had a very short off-season this year – a whole two weeks! The first week was spent recovering from the marathon and hiking in Mallorca, the second was spent gently easing back into running and workouts. And next week I start my first week of training for my first ultra marathon!!!

The ultra is a whole six months away so it’s going to be a very long training plan, I’m not jumping into anything too quickly. More on that shortly… But this week’s off-season looked like this:

Swimming: swimming actually happened! I remembered that one of the things I actually really love doing on the long, dark nights over the winter is going down to the swimming pool at about 5pm on a Saturday evening – so off I went to swim 1200m. That’s more than I swam in October and September combined. And the thing that is so great about fitness is that I could still swim a 500m set easily. Not fast, of course, but not so slow I was embarrassed – and it did not feel difficult.  Swimming is the least of my priorities right now and the first thing to get dropped when work is busy, but if I can keep going for half an hour on a Saturday evening I’ll be happy 🙂


Just a few cycle commutes to and from work. Nothing special.


My first run was a full 11 days after Dublin marathon. It would have been sooner if it wasn’t for (1) the strange pain in my foot (which still rears its head occasionally), (2) an unexpected blackout after a minor medical procedure (enough with the subtlety, I had the contraceptive coil fitted and I passed out during the procedure); and (3) various work commitments.

So I got out on a ridiculously sunny Thursday lunch time, Remembrance Day, for a slow and easy 30 minute run.

My next run was on Sunday, another beautifully sunny day. I set out to run through Brockwell Park to Dulwich Park and then back after a lap of the park, but then decided that I was really close to the house I grew up in and so I wanted to pay it a visit. And so I did! Again, a slow, easy, no effort run for about 75 minutes. Lots of stops to check where I was going to wind my way back through South London after visiting my old house – we moved out when I was 10. It was interesting because I was expecting it to seem really small, but after living in London myself in much much smaller places it actually seemed huge!!

Strength training: one strength session.

Yoga: one proper yoga class! It’s been far too long since I did a 90 minute class and I loved it. My arms are aching today though from all those sun salutations.

So that was a total of 5 hours 45 minutes of training – all very unstructured and just doing exactly what I felt like.

Something fun that was nothing to do with training: generally just my whole weekend was great, getting my nails done  and having a cup of tea with Charlotte, going out for an impromptu dinner with friends on Saturday, cooking dinner for my flatmate and watching Planet Earth together on Sunday evening. Our world really is an incredibly beautiful place.


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