The best socks in the world 

I have the best socks in the world. I’ve run 3 marathons in these socks (and trained for them) without a single blister. When you finish a marathon and you’re aching, chafing all over your body and muscles of stone, it’s nice to have one less thing to worry about as you gingerly hobble your way home.

Socks recovery Dublin marathon Rapha merino wool

So what are these amazing socks? Well, actually, they are cycle socks, made by the wonderful (albeit expensive) Rapha. And they are not just one pair of socks, but several different pairs, all with one thing in common – they are Rapha merino wool socks. 

Merino wool Rapha socks running
Merino wool is the best because:

  • It is so soft – you barely notice you’re wearing these
  • They wick away moisture – so if your feet are getting really sweaty and wet and gross, merino wool wicks that away so your feet stay dry. Did you know merino wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water?!
  • It naturally resists bacteria and therefore odor so you don’t have to wash your socks after every wear! It sounds a bit gross but I keep a pair of merino wool socks in my bag at work and wear them a couple of times before taking them home for washing.

Socks Rapha hiking Mallorca

    So that’s why merino wool is great – why are the Rapha socks the best? I think it is because the wool is relatively thin – I don’t like running in a thick pair of socks as it feels as if you are more likely to get blisters. They are also quite tight so they stay put – they do not move at all.

    Merino wool Rapha socks running marathon Brighton

    Which is why I think I have never gotten a blister wearing merino wool socks, no matter how far or fast I run, or even when on my feet hiking for over seven hours!!

    Merino wool socks cycling and a cat

    Rapha socks, like all Rapha products, aren’t cheap, but Rapha online does have some really good sales and the socks are always in the sale. I tend to wait and then just buy loads of pairs as soon as the sale is on!


    And there you have it, the best socks in the world 😀




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