Ultra marathon training week 2

Well this week started on track and then gradually went downhill as work took over my life. I ended up missing a bunch of workouts and feeling too exhausted to do some of them properly, but that’s just the way it goes sometimes. I’m so far away from the ultra still that there is no way doing slightly less training this one week will have any impact – if anything, pushing through when exhausted could have led to injuries that would have set me back for weeks – and that could have a real effect!

Weekend working on the train

Run 1 was an interval run on the treadmill, a pretty tough one which saw me running (for example) 6 minutes at a pace I only used to hold for 2 minutes max… It was tough and I had sweat pouring down my face at the end but it was fun.

Run 2 was meant to be a slow hour’s run, but I felt exhausted when I woke up on Wednesday morning and had a really sore throat so I turned my alarm off and went back to sleep, hoping the extra rest would get rid of the sore throat. So run 2 became a 30 minute tempo session on Thursday lunch time, with an easy first ten minutes and then 20 minutes around an 8.10 pace. It felt good and I was so glad to get the fresh air!

Run 3 was to be the long run on Sunday. 2 hours, with a mid-section of an hour at nearing tempo pace. I just didn’t have it in me. I woke up feeling exhausted and awful, couldn’t bear to drag myself out of bed, and when I started running the whole thing just felt exhausted. My hips hurt, my knees hurt, my foot hurt. When I tried to pick it up to tempo pace, I started hating the run. I just didn’t have it in me so put the effort required in, and I wasn’t enjoying any of it. So I turned around and came home, taking several long walking breaks along the way – something I never usually do. It was a shitty week at work reflected in a shitty final run and that’s just the way things are!


Strength: I managed Wednesday’s strength session but not Friday’s, as at about 2pm I was hit with the news that a deadline had been brought up to “the start of next week” so I ended up working later on Friday than had been planned.

Swimming: I swam twice! A lovely relaxed swim on Monday evening, and then a quick swim Saturday afternoon (I realised only as I got to the pool that I had misjudged the time my online food shop was going to be delivered and so I ended up only being able to swim for 15 minutes which was a bit silly!)

Cycling: one day of cycling to and from work and then a lovely slow hour and a half cycle on Saturday in the fresh air, pushing it up the hills but otherwise just taking it really very very easy.

So a total of just under 7 hours training (and almost 50 hours in the office!).

Oscar-cat loves his radiator bed

Something fun that was nothing to do with running:

A trip out of London on Sunday afternoon to see a family friend I’ve known since I was a baby, now with a four year old of her own! She fed my great food and it was a lovely quiet way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


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