Ultra marathon training – a new PB!!

Last week was great, a really relaxed week to ease me into the new year, but still managing some great runs! We began the week by getting the Eurostar to Bruges in Belgium, where we spent a few days exploring, eating, drinking beer and sleeping (two full nights of 12 hours sleep!!). Then, after a few days back at work we had a very relaxing weekend, with a lie-in and a short run together on Saturday, a lovely dinner out, a race on Sunday morning and then the afternoon spent on the sofa watching Harry Potter films! Perfect. Only three and a half hours of training but it was a lovely way to spend my last week with James before he goes back to the US.

Running: Run 1 was a lovely short run around Bruges – shorter than expected as the town is pretty small! Run-sightseeing is, I think, one of the best ways of seeing a new place, especially if you only have a few days there. We ran out to the main canal and along it, past the old windmills, and then back through the narrow cobbled streets of Bruges.

Run 2 was an interval pyramid – 40 minutes on the treadmill. I messed up my timing when planning the workout so was had to miss the 10 minute cool-down at the end but never mind. It was a good, hard run. Run 3 was a another short one on Saturday. James and I decided to run to and around Brockwell Park, before heading into Brixton to pick up some shopping and get the bus home. I threw in 5 x 1 minute all-out efforts with 1 minute recoveries, speeding past James in the efforts and then him running past me as I slowly jogged the recoveries. That meant we ended in roughly the same place and finished the run together. I think he was a bit surprised at my fast pace – like many new runners I don’t think he was aware of all the different paces you can run, always thinking I was going slowly on my runs with him because I’m just a slow runner!

Then Run 4 was my first race of 2017 – the RunThrough Brixton 10km. You can find my detailed recap here but basically I loved it, with a huge new PB of 51 minutes. I would really recommend these events. I had a little warm up run to the park, ran solidly for the first 5km then pushed myself for the last 5km. I picked up my medal, water and snacks and then ran a cool-down 20 minutes back home. I ran verrrrry slowly!

Cross-training: very little in fact due to travelling – just one session in the gym which did leave my legs absolutely aching the next day! 

Something fun that was nothing to do with running: Well I had a great week so there were lots of fun events! From sampling beers in a cosy little pub in Bruges (for me, the stronger the better):

To belated birthday drinks with friends on Friday night, a delicious dinner at the Palomar with James and his sister on Saturday, and an afternoon spent on the sofa sipping wine, eating chocolate truffles and watching Harry Potter – it was just a lovely week.



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