Ultra marathon training

Another week where training didn’t really go to plan, with a few days in New York eating and drinking, travelling back to the UK, and then horrible jetlag (I almost fell backwards on the tube escalator due to having a little microsleep)! I also had zero motivation to train, I just wanted to run for fun – to plug my headphones in, go somewhere pretty and run slowly for hours without thinking about pace. Or to run with my new-runner boyfriend and chat to him under the blue skies of New York. I got back on top of things by the end of the week after a little telling off from my coach and managed 5 and a half hours of training in total.


Run 1: a lovely run of 4 miles through New York and over Brooklyn Bridge. I hadn’t quite appreciated how busy it would be with tourists but still, it was gorgeous. I turned it into a bit of a fartlek session going up and down over the bridge but otherwise was just running at a good, steady pace. 

Run 2: km repeats on a strange gym treadmill. I couldn’t work out the right pace and felt rubbish after enjoying myself a bit too much in a cocktail bar the  night before! I managed 5 repeats instead of 7.

Run 3: an easy 45 minutes. The weather was horrible on Saturday, a wet sleet was falling all day and it was freezing. I just could not motivate myself to get out of the house until it was practically dark. I don’t like these short, easy runs – I don’t see the point. I would rather swim or cycle instead – except I know that on a day like Saturday I would end up doing nothing at all as it’s easier mentally to skip a workout that isn’t running! My sister called half way through my run and as it was an easy run I was able to chat to her the whole way home which made the second half go by much faster!

Run 4: 13 miles with 9 tough miles in the middle. I was aiming for 8.30mm but ended up with 8.09 which was great. Another cold, grey day running through central London – thanks to the Marathon Talk podcast for getting me through! 


Yet again, no swimming. And only one session in the gym and one 9 mile cycle home from work. At the weekend, post-run I didn’t just immediately slump on the sofa or jump in the shower, I got on the mat for a few minutes of intense ab work, stretching and handstands. My abs actually hurt this evening so I was definitely doing something!

Something fun that was nothing to do with running

Loads this week. What a great week. From delicious food in New York (see my previous post here with 9 suggestions for where to eat in the city) to stunning views on Top of the Rock – actually, this made me so happy. Blue skies, warmth in the sun, incredible views – what could be better?

Then a friend’s engagement drinks on Friday, and Charlotte’s birthday dinner on Saturday. Lots and lots of fun to be had. Next week is my first full week back in the office in almost a month and although it is going to be busy, I am looking forward to getting back into my routine, back into the gym, and maybe even back to the pool….!!!


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