Ultra marathon training – skiing!!!

What a week. Very busy at work, and then on Thursday lunch time I headed to the airport for a work ski trip. I still managed to get most of my workouts in which was great and I have to say I felt pretty good about myself (and exhausted) when I worked until 10pm, woke up to run 10 miles before work and then worked until 10pm again that night…. One of my colleagues called me a machine (yes, showing off slightly there!!!)

Running: Run 1 was an interval 8 mile session on the way into work with some ladders (working up from 200m to 600m and back down) and 4 x 1km repeats.

Run 2 was the 10 miles into work with 6 miles at 7.53 average pace (I was aiming for about 8mm). That’s pretty bloody quick for me (it’s a 3 and a half hour marathon pace) and given my general exhaustion from a busy week I was really pleased with myself.

Cross-training: one weights session and then skiing. Despite all the drinking (of which there was a lot) I was on the mountain by latest 10am and skiing until last lifts so I was pretty happy. And the weather was gorgeous!

Something fun that was nothing to do with running: clearly, skiing. It was brilliant. I am very lucky in that I have awesome colleagues, so many of whom are my friends, and we had a brilliant weekend. Far too much drinking starting with the whisky in the hip flask on the slopes in the morning and continuing on until 3am so I definitely made the most of the weekend away!! Physically I feel a bit battered but mentally I am completely refreshed from a tough few weeks at work – skiing is the best way of destressing as you really can’t concentrate on anything else. 


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