Ultra marathon training – the long run 

I’m annoyed because I wrote this entire post and then managed to delete it. So oh well – here we go again! Last week was a great week, recovering from the ski trip and then because James was home from the US I took Monday and Tuesday off – which meant two long runs! I trained for XXX hours in total. 


Run 1 was 16 miles starting slow but including 10 faster miles. I ran the first bit with James which was lovely despite his constant complaining that it was all uphill (we ran in a loop!!). Then I ran 10 miles at an 8.06 min mile average which is basically ridiculous and I don’t know who I am anymore when that’s something I can say… This time last year I was a 10 min mile person and happy with it! I was pretty exhausted by the end though.

Run 2 was a very slow jog around Brockwell Park in the morning with sore legs. It was so lovely, James brought me a coffee in bed, I drank it, went for a run, came back and chatted to him while I showered and dressed before going to work. Its the little things but it was SO nice having him home.

Run 3 was a tempo run into work where despite my heavy legs I still ran 5 miles at 7.53 min mile pace. Beautifully sunny and I wore proper shorts for the first time this year! Put me in a great mood for the rest of the day.

Run 4 – treadmill intervals. I even ran a minute at 14.6kph which is the fastest I’ve ever gone. It was hard and I was dripping buckets of sweat but I loved it. I hate intervals outside but love them on the treadmill…. No I don’t know why.

Run 5!!! 18 miles!!! What a great run this was. I planned to run with Clapham Chasers but then on Sunday morning my cat decided to come and sit on me and purr at the time I should have been getting out of bed so we had ten minutes of cuddles meaning I missed the Chaser run by 10 minutes. No bother, I did the route anyway by myself despite the horrendous headwind and really enjoyed it. I ran the whole thing in 2 hours 36 minutes with 14 miles at 8.30 pace. That’s a 3 hour 45 marathon time!!! 🙈🙈😆 I don’t know what the right emoticon is to express how I feel about that. Completely shocked anyway. Oh and also – I loved the run and had no aches and pains at the end. I in finished b&q, bought some paint, went home, cooked lunch and did some gardening! The first time I ever ran 18 miles the last 2 miles were so painful I only kept going when I realised it hurt more to walk. 

Cross-training: hmmm. One proper weights session and lots of little abs sessions at home. Nothing else. But did you see how much running I did?!

Something fun that was nothing to do with running: just generally having James home. He cooked some fantastic meals and we ate out a lot. I only did the work I absolutely had to do that week (which means I had to go into the office on Saturday and this week is a nightmare but never mind) and sacked it off in favour of being curled up on the sofa with a glass of wine and trying out new and old restaurants. A great week.


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