Ultra marathon training – better when the sun is shining!

Paris marathon is now less than a week away so last week was about getting in some final quality sessions pre-marathon – but also thinking about starting to rest! I struggled throughout the week as the clocks changed last weekend and I just couldn’t get to grips with that hour’s time difference and the fact it was much darker in the mornings. But then I had a brilliant weekend with the sun shining the whole way through it. Just over 7 hours of training in the week.


Run 1 was a lunch time jaunt around the Isle of Dogs with some of my colleagues – 5 years to to the day after my first ever run! (As Facebook reminded me!) There are a group of us in the same department that like to run so we have formed an impromptu run club. After running 20 miles on Saturday I was still exhausted and so I was certainly holding run club back slightly! I am looking forward to joining in when I am not exhausted from the weekend’s activities and actually being able to run a reasonable pace!

Run 2 was an aborted run to work – I was meant to be running a tempo 8 miles on Wednesday morning but although I had energy in my legs my head wasn’t in it – I had a morning full of meetings coming up and I was a bit stressed about fitting it all in which I think contributed. I stopped at Elephant and Castle and jumped on the tube. I was really annoyed at myself as it was all about the mental strength, nothing to do with tired legs, but on that day I just did not have the mental energy.

Run 3 was better – I did not want to get out of bed on Friday morning so I dragged myself to the office early instead. I figured that would be easier than running intervals! That meant I could take a longer lunch break and I did 8 x 1km all at sub-5 min pace.

Run 4 was a lovely little jog around Brockwell Park in the sunshine on Saturday morning.

Run 5 was 14 miles through south London. I ran down to Tooting to pick up my Clapham Chaser vest to wear for the marathon then weaved my way down to the Thames. 3 mile warm-up then 10 miles at 8mm pace which was TOUGH! But I managed it and in doing so ran the fastest half marathon I’ve ever run – 1hr47! Feeling pretty good about race day now.


Three cycle commutes! So I did manage some cycling at least. And two weights sessions – one in the gym with a PT focussing on core and glute work, and the second at home in the garden with my new toy – a TRX machine! I am quite excited about this although the workout I tried yesterday almost killed my ab muscles.

Something fun that was nothing to do with running

The entire weekend. My sister was home and it is her birthday next weekend so we had some early birthday celebrations. After Saturday’s run I quickly showered and headed to the station to catch the train home. Back in Chichester, I had a lovely lunch with my mum, sister and cousin. We did some shopping and then went for a walk around the peninsula where my mum lives before it got dark. It was such a beautiful day.

Out for a delicious dinner and then a relatively early night. I was up early to keep Jilli company on her drive back to Gatwick Airport. Once back in London, went on that lovely long run and then spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the garden!!! A brilliant weekend.


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