Ultra marathon training – the marathon!

An odd week this week given lots of travel for work and tapering for the marathon. I flew to Stockholm on Monday, leaving my house at 5am, stayed the night there, flew to Helsinki Tuesday morning, then got home about 10pm on Tuesday night. On Thursday I flew back to Helsinki – again leaving at 5am – and back again the same night so it was a very long day! All of that obviously affected my training but the good thing was that I was meant to be tapering anyway so didn’t have to do very much!


Run 1: 20 minutes around Stockholm just before it got dark. This actually felt horrible, I was exhausted from work and the only time I could fit the run in was immediately after dinner – I chose a light meal and didn’t have any alcohol but it still wasn’t ideal! But a little run is better than no run at all.

Run 2: an hour on Wednesday with 30 minutes at a tempo pace of between 8-8.10mm. I ran down to Tooting Common which was a new route for me and it was so beautiful in the sun. But I was stressed about a busy day at work and whether I was missing emails or calls so I found it quite hard to run at that tempo pace. Whenever I switched my mind off and settled into it, I sped up, but as soon as I started thinking it all became much harder!

Run 3: MARATHON!! I was meant to run intervals on Friday but had a really busy day at work. Then I went for a little walk around Paris rather than a short run. Maybe I should have done as my legs did feel quite heavy when I began. I will write a full recap soon but in summary, it became ridiculously hot and I wasn’t really prepared for the heat. The hottest day of the year so far. I struggled a lot from mile 22 – I ran out of water and there were no more water stations which was my own poor planning. The good news though is I still managed a huge 21 min PB with 3.51 so if I can do that on such a difficult day I’d be excited to see what I could do in normal conditions!

Cross-training: one session in the hotel gym on Monday evening, otherwise rest and relaxation for the marathon (and walking miles through airports!)

Something fun that was nothing to do with running:

Technically this is to do with running but I loved being in Paris. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the streets were beautiful and I felt a bit like I was in a film. I’d love to go back and don’t know why I don’t go more often given it is really very easy to get to – easier to get there than it is to get to James’ parents’ home!



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