Ultra marathon training – recovery 

I have been on holiday this week and so I have very little idea of what day it is. For a few days I had no wifi or phone signal which was great, and I haven’t opened my computer in a week. It is brilliant. I have also been recovering from Paris marathon so have taken things very easily – everything picks up again this week for ultra training!


Run 1 was a lovely 30 minute jog in Chicago, from our hotel to Lake Michigan and then a short way along the shore there. I ran with my friend for the first time and I ran with him for the first mile, then let him run off once we reached Lake Michigan. This was on Wednesday, 3 days after the marathon, and I was pleasantly surprised at how good I felt! Although of course I did run very slowly…

Run 2, on Thursday was another easy 40 minute run, this time with two of my friends! We were in Manistee National Forest and went out for a run before it got dark. I was very, very glad they came with me as the path I was on really was in the middle of nowhere so I think I would have felt slightly scared if I had been by myself!

Run 3 was another short run on Saturday morning. My legs felt heavy, my mind wasn’t in it, I was concerned about time as we had to check out of our air bnb and it began to pour with rain. I was meant to be running for an hour but cut it short.


One long five hour hike on Friday through Manistee National Forest. We went to Seaton Creek Campground and hiked from there. It was beautiful. Mainly flat and relatively easy walking through the forest but beautiful views of the river alongside us and the sound of birds in the trees.

And that was it for the week! Almost a full week of rest really compared to what I normally do – so I am raring to go this week – one more week of holiday left to maximise rest and running!

Something fun that was nothing to do with running

Just generally being with my best friends and my boyfriend for a week, eating far too much food, drinking too much beer, chatting, laughing and exploring Chicago and Michigan. 

We spent two days in the middle of nowhere in Manistee National Forest (more later on that one) and then came down to South Bend, where James is based, for one night when I had my first speedway experience! 

For those not in the know, speedway involves a car racing track and loads of all beat-up cars that basically go round the track smashing into each other. We watched the demolition derby, where all the cars are in a square in the middle of the race track and have to smash into each other until the last man standing – i.e. the last car still capable of moving – wins. Then there was the pole race, where on every lap the cars had to do a 360 turn around a pole in the middle of the track. Or the backwards race…. pretty much as it sounds. We got surprisingly into it….



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