Ultra marathon training – race week!

What an odd week – 5 days of rest and nervous energy followed by the one big day. It was the least amount of exercise I have done in weeks – just two short, easy runs. No cycling, no gym, no swimming. It really made me realise how tired I have been for the past few months. For the first time in a really long while I woke up before my alarm! 

On the downside, I really struggled to go to sleep – a combination of not being physically exhausted and being stressed about the race. After a late day at work on Monday I tried my hardest to make it an easy working week which definitely helped. On Wednesday I had an afternoon meeting in town and then we went out for a drink in the sun afterwards, a great way of unwinding. On Thursday I had to go to a trade conference so again, not a late, stressful night at work. All that helped I think!


Run 1 was meant to happen on Tuesday, but after the late night at work and the fact I had a sore throat and was worried I was going to get a cold, I decided to have a lie in. So I ran to work on Wednesday instead, 60 very gentle minutes through south London. A nice, easy enjoyable run in the sun.

Run 2 a short treadmill run with a few sprints to turn my legs over. 30 minutes with 10 minutes of 30 seconds sprints, 30 seconds rest.

Run 3 the North Downs Way 50!!! 11 hours of running and hiking and grabbing food at aid stations. I loved almost all of it.

Something fun that was nothing to do with running

One of my friends from university was holding a drinks party on Sunday afternoon to celebrate her engagement. Perhaps not ideal the day after running 50 miles but it was great to see some old friends and rehydrate with prosecco! James and I then went out for some Korean food in Covent Garden before watching La La Land on the sofa and early to bed. A lovely way to kick-start the recovery process.

Soft shell crab buns ūüėÄ




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