Ultra marathon training – in recovery 

A week on from my first ultra marathon – it is hard to believe it was just a week ago as it feels much longer! I have been recovering by working hard and drinking lots – starting with a prosecco-fueled afternoon the day of the race, going on to a 2am finish from the pub on Thursday evening (Friday morning), and culminating in a weekend of prosecco / cocktail brunches. Yes – I have really embraced the recovery.

In terms of actual exercise, very little of it happened last week. I planned on doing nothing Monday and Tuesday, despite the fact that by Tuesday I had no more aches or pains. A quicker recovery than from a fast road marathon! Then pouring rain on Wednesday morning put paid to my plans of cycling into work. 

I got back in the pool for the first time in months on Thursday for 20 minutes with no watch and no planned workout, just time to do some slow lengths and remind myself that I do actually still know how to swim. It was lovely to be back in the water (p.s. when I was adding tags to this post my phone kept autocorrecting “swimming” to drinking……)

I had planned to go to yoga on Friday but my hangover put paid to that. So when a sunny Sunday dawned I was keen to get out on my bike, limiting my cocktail intake at brunch so that I could head out with James at 5pm for a ride in the lovely evening sun. 

We went over to Richmond Park for one lap. I felt good starting but quickly got tired out on the hills, much more so than the last time I was on my bike, and despite the fact it was a relatively short cycle (less than 2 hours) I was pretty exhausted by the end! I am hoping that was just residual tiredness from the ultra marathon rather than a huge lack of bike fitness! Or perhaps a combination of both.

Not a bad week! I am looking forward to getting a bit more of a balance this week – slightly less drinking, slightly less work, slightly more exercise. Started well with a sunny cycle into work, ended badly with not leaving the office until 13 hours later…..!! 


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