Weekly review – enjoying the sunshine 

This week I started getting back into doing some forms of exercise after my ultra marathon just two weeks ago. I trained when I felt like it and pretty much everything else in my life had priority over it, but the beautiful weather meant I actively wanted to be out there training.

London has had a heatwave over the past week and it has been incredible. Not great for my liver or bank balance as my alcohol consumption has shot up, with every evening spent outside with wine pretty much until it gets dark – but fantastic for my overall sense of well-being!

Without having to stress about fitting in runs and workouts I have just had so much extra time – added to the fact that work has been quieter means I have had a really restful week. 


Run 1: for my first run post-ultra I headed out on a sunny lunch time to run along the canal – 15 minutes away from the office, 15 minutes back. It was gorgeous and just a lovely run. My legs felt absolutely fine, no aches or pains or twinges and they didn’t feel heavy – although I was definately much slower than I was pre-ultra!

Running, centurion running
Run 2: the next day I had planned to go to the gym or for a swim but the weather was so lovely I had to be outside. I went for a run with a colleague – he is much, much faster than me even on a good day but I warned him beforehand I was going to go slow and he was very happy to plod along next to me and chat. We went out and back along the canal again. Once I am fully recovered from the ultra he is going to be my ticket to getting really fast. I see lots of lunch time hard efforts trying to keep up in my future!

Run 3: on Sunday we rented a car to go to a number of garden centres. It lived a 25 minute walk from my house so once I dropped it off I ran home via the park, and then headed to the butchers. James had planned a Sunday roast despite the fact it was 30  degrees. He is so stereotyically British:

Me: is it not too hot for a roast dinner?

James, looking completely uncomprehending: no, it’s Sunday.

Not sure that actually answered the question but never mind! All in all my chores run was 45 minutes in hot, hot sun. It was hard and I found it tough although realised afterwards I had been running quite quickly so I think I mainly just found it tough because it was so ridiculously hot.

Cross-training: I am almost a triathlete again! Yes, this week I got back on my bike and back swimming. On Saturday I got up at 6am, cycled to the station and caught a train to Richmond. I made my way to Ham Lake for an open water swimming session with RG Active. An hour of swimming, practicing drills and just getting used to being in a wetsuit again (more on the swimming in another post) and then I jumped back on my bike in my trisuit and cycled pretty slowly back through Richmond Park home – just over an hour. 

Open water swimming
Something fun that was nothing to do with running:

The whole week was fun. Well perhaps from Wednesday onwards. I worked pretty long hours Monday and Tuesday, but at least on Tuesday evening I was working from my patio with a glass of rosé. Wednesday I had a few drinks with colleagues then went for dinner at the brilliant Kricket with James. Thursday, spent the evening on my patio getting through a bottle of rosé with James and Issy, my housemate. Then Friday James’ mum arrived for the weekend and we did the same….. 

Mezze, bank holiday
We spent the whole weekend in the garden, on Saturday sunbathing and having a huge lunch with James’ mum and sister, and on Sunday gardening.

Now I’ve woken up on bank holiday Monday and the skies are grey and the heatwave is over so normal life will resume!! My liver will be grateful 😃


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