May – the month of the ultra marathon 

Another month over and again, this one has flown by. I can barely remember what I was doing when I wrote my last monthly recap. Since then I haven’t left the UK but I have spent a lot of time outside London on the North Downs and one night pre-ultra in Farnham.

My most popular photos on Instagram were (all ultra related!):

1. My stash from Boots pre-ultra. I ended up forgetting the map at home, applying lots of the suncream, and not needing any of the rest!

2. Running through beautiful wild garlic that cheered me up after 35 miles 

3. My medal!!!

4. First run post-ultra in my lovely Centurion Running top. Really showing off amongst the hundreds of Canary Wharf office workers out for a lunch time jog in the sun!

In terms of training:

Swimming: two swims! One short easy one in the pool as my first exercise post-ultra, the other a longer session in a lake that left me with aching arms. That’s two more than last month 😄

Cycling: also much better – I cycled 150 miles this month (after 0 last month) which was also the most I’ve cycled since August.

Running: 103 miles. Almost 70 less than last month but then I did very little running for most of the month – indeed half of those miles were run in one day! June will probably be my first month since February where I run under 100 miles and that is no problem at all. Now let’s see if I can cycle 100 miles…

Cross-training: again, a little bit of strength training but really very little this month as I was tapering for the ultra and then recovering from it. No yoga.

Favourite run: well it has to be the 50 miles along the North Downs, no? Lovely weather, beautiful views, good company, unbeatable sense of achievement.

Read: really grinding to a halt – I have not finished a single book in May. On the other hand, I have been making my way through the wonderful Silk Roads which is over 500 pages of history so it’s not as if I haven’t been reading!

My best moment in May was a moment during the North Downs Way 50 ultra, where I had less than 10 miles to go and was running across the top of a field with some stunning views. It was at that point I realised that I was definitely going to finish without hating it, I had energy left, wasn’t in pain and was really enjoying myself. I had a huge smile on my face…. Until I got lost!

Right now I am: 

Reading: still finishing Silk Roads – just a few more chapters left to go!

Listening to: I have been addicted to Orica-Scott’s pre-and-post stage Giro YouTube videos. I love the backstage look into a cycle team and they all seem like a really down-to-earth, self-deprecating bunch. Chris Juul-Jenson in particular is great. They are my new favourite cycle team and he might be my favourite peloton cyclist.

Enjoying: not doing any structured training. I’m back to training properly this week but with no training plan so I can just do what I like, when I like, and fit it in around work and other commitments. I am loving being back on my bike and looking forward to getting back in the gym after a few weeks off for tapering and recovery.

Looking forward to: an exciting month up ahead with the wedding of one of my school friends – the first one of us to get married! And then a long weekend away in Austria cheering my mum on at the Olympic Triathlon Europeans. It’s going to be a lovely month.



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