Weekly catch-up 

Back to exercise this week with over 9 hours spent training but not in any real structured way. Just doing what I felt like, when I wanted to. I’ve decided (after being too late to enter Arundel triathlon) not to enter any other big events over the summer, just the half Ironman at the end of the season. It means I can take a real break from structured training for the next few weeks and be raring to go by when I start again! I have been training pretty much consistently since July last year with very little time off so it’s time for a break.

With that in mind, last week I:

Cycled: lots! James and I had a lovely cycle on Bank Holiday Monday out around the North Downs with some pretty horrible hills given I have done such little cycling this year. At one point I didn’t think I was going to be able to continue, thought I’d grind to a halt and fall off sideways. I had to start counting my breaths and timing them to pedal strokes to take my mind off it!

Then lots of cycling to and from work and finally a hungover cycle with my mum on Sunday. There’s a chance I was still drunk as I got on my bike, and some of the descents on badly-surfaced roads gave me a proper headache but on the other hand it was so lovely to be out cycling with my mum and it really blew the cobwebs away!

Running: just the two runs – one interval session and one run to work. For the second run I had planned on running 8 miles with 4 miles at tempo but it was very hot and I was finding it very hard, so I figured I was probably still recovering from the ultra and cut the run short, doing the best I could!

Cross-training: back in the gym for one weights session. I love doing weights in the gym! 

Something fun that was nothing to do with exercise:

Celebrating with one of my oldest friends at her wedding on Saturday – the first one of us to get married, it was so lovely to catch up with all my school friends and the bride looked absolutely stunning. The wedding was wonderful from start to finish.


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