Weekly catch up – getting some speed back 

Another week of not “training” but still getting in lots of exercise which was great, plus enjoying the beautiful weather over the weekend. I worked out for just over 6 hours in total.

Swimming: 1 swim, 20 minutes, still without my watch though as I ease my way back into remembering how to swim. 

Cycling: just back and forth to work a couple of times. I did plan on a weekend cycle but plans changed and I ended up going for a late lunch with friends rather than dinner which meant there was no time for a cycle! 

Running: a few great runs. On Tuesday I got on the treadmill thinking about doing an interval run. Then I decided just to see how fast I could run 5km…. I set the treadmill at 12.5 and then continually increased it throughout the run to end up with 23.20 for the 5km!! My previous best time was 24.40. So that was a great increase. But. I am not sure it really counts on a treadmill, you need to be able to do it outside with the wind and other people and hills. So on Saturday I decided to head for Park Run to try again.

I slightly self-sabotaged by leaving work at 5pm to go for drinks and then polishing off in total over a bottle of wine on Friday night. Although I wasn’t in bed late I certainly felt pretty hungover when my alarm went off on Saturday morning! I slowly jogged the 10 minutes to the start getting there in perfect time to line up.

Then we were off! It was tough. Brockwell Park is hilly and I did not enjoy trying to push myself off those hills. In fact, I even slowed to a walk on the second hill. As soon as I did, a guy I’d spoken to earlier, pushing a pram, came past me. “Keep going!” he gasped at me and I started running again – it was exactly what I needed.

I entered the Park Run funnel and shakily walked through it, slightly concerned I might be about to be sick. As soon as I was out I collapsed on the ground and lay there for ages until the guy with the pram came over to say hi and to thank me for spurring him on. I love that Park Run atmosphere.


My overall time was 23min 40. Not as fast as my treadmill time but still a significant outdoor PB and another goal ticked off from Project #17in2017 😀

Something fun that was nothing to do with running 

Despite not doing that much exercise (or because of it!) I had a perfect London weekend. Left work at 5 on Friday for a few drinks out in the sun with colleagues. Then met James in Canonbury for dinner at a new restaurant. We were both slightly tipsy already so ordered a bottle of wine and it turned out to be quite a drunken evening!

After Park Run I spent Saturday reading my book in my garden until it was time to go to Tom’s for a late lunch / early dinner. Fantastic food and lots of wine with my university friends, debating the outcome of the recent election. Not to get too political, but this blog is a replacement for the diary I always used to keep, and this is important to me. It was the first election for us in a while where the outcome had gone “our way” and we were all quite excited about the fact that progressive parties had won more than 50% of the vote on a really high turnout. So nice to be able to discuss politics with a little bit of hope! We drank far too much and ended up in Chris and Amy’s garden until way past midnight.

So Sunday morning started pretty late… James and I got out of bed in time for brunch in the sun at the cafe down the road, wandered along to the butchers to do our weekly food shop, and read our books in the garden. A lovely, lovely weekend.


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