Weekly review – supporting at the European Triathlon Championships 

Turns out supporting is pretty tiring work and can involve a lot of exercise just by itself! Mum was competing at the age group European Triathlon Championships in Kitzbuhel over the weekend so I flew out after work on Thursday to join her and cheer her and the other members of her triathlon club on.

If you ever need a bit of motivation to pick your next event or get training I would recommend going to watch a big event like an age group triathlon championship – I have come away absolutely buzzing and ready to get training again!

In terms of my own training this week – 5 hours in total:

Swimming: a bit of messing around in the lake at Kitzbuhel – a couple of 100m-ish laps back and forth on Sunday for 20 minutes or so.

Cycling: being away at the weekend meant I couldn’t get in any proper cycling sessions so just a few cycle commutes.

Running: again, just a couple of runs – 7 miles into work with 3 at sub-8 min mile pace. A very slow 5km with my mum as she recce’d the run course for her triathlon (it was hilly!). Then on Saturday I did a lot of running while watching mum. Some slow jogs down the bike course, cheering as I went, others much faster as I (a) tried to get to the start on time; (b) raced back from the bike course to catch mum on the run; and (c) dashed around the run so I could see mum as many times as possible and still get to the finish!

Cross-training: my standard strength workout.

Something fun that was nothing to do with training: my long weekend in Kitzbuhel (more of which in a different blog post). I flew out late on Thursday night after work and spent Friday relaxing and watching the Elite women (both junior and senior). On Saturday, mum raced and on Sunday we cheered on the age group men before swimming in the lake and sunbathing, just generally relaxing. I really do love these long weekends away!


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