Weekly review – a heatwave 

It was a hot, hot week, and it feels like a very long one. London experienced the longest heatwave for 20 years with several days of 30+ temperatures. 

The heat meant a lot of things: it meant sleeping badly, as it was over 27 degrees in my house at night; it therefore meant waking very early; it meant going to bed late, as James and I stayed outside in the garden until it got dark, which at this time of year is well past bedtime; and it meant drinking a lot due to spending all those lovely hot evenings in the garden. 

It also meant that as soon as the skies clouded over and the temperature dropped this weekend I was exhausted and so did absolutely no exercise whatsoever!

Swimming: a lovely morning swim in Brockwell Lido. The pool was so busy including of regulars complaining about all the fair weather swimmers but that didn’t take away from my enjoyment – all good triathlon practice after all!

Cycling: 3 days of cycling to and from work.

Running: just the one run, a horribly hot and sweaty 10km race in 32 degrees of heat that I’ll be blogging about later in the week.

Something fun that was nothing to do with running: all of Saturday, where James and I pottered about the house, walked through south London in the sun to a beer festival in the rain at Dulwich Hamlet football club, went with Charlotte and Jack for a lovely dinner at Breddos Tacos, and then finished up watching Glastonbury and talking politics until past midnight!


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