June – summer is here and I am enjoying it :)

What a lovely month June was! Until the last week that is when the heavens opened and it seems as if it did not stop raining! I took a month completely off training, exercising when I felt like it and enjoying prioritising everything else over exercise (it was the least amount of exercise I have done since February, and also I think the least amount of work I have done all year!). I almost certainly drank too much 😀 I spent one weekend on the south coast at a friend’s wedding and the other in Kitzbuhel watching my mum compete in the Olympic distance European Championships!

My most popular photos on Instagram were:

1. Just a pretty gorgeous photo in Burgess Park on a sunny morning as I ran to work

2. It wasn’t all sun this month – cycling home in my raingear

3. A beautiful sunset in Brockwell Park as I tried (and failed) to get a 10km PB on the hottest day of the year

4. Mum and I in Kitzbuhel, Austria, soaking up the sun after she’d represented Team GB at the European Triathlon Championships


Swimming: four swims! One each week which is great and getting back to where I want to be. And a swim test session on Friday in which my 400m and 200m times were much better than expected. 3210m which is the most I’ve swum in one month all year.

: 154 miles – just 4 more than last month! And again, the most I’ve cycled since almost a year ago, August 2016.

: 57 miles after 103 miles last month. Not even 100km (92). A well-needed rest for my running legs after months on end of running over 100 miles.

Cross-training: back up to strength training once a week but still no yoga. Weights have taken precedence over stretching and I do really need to get back to it… I need to just sit down and fit it into my routine I think!

Favourite run:

I’m writing this after a fantastic run… but it was on 1 July so technically not in June! I think my favourite run was actually, strangely, a treadmill run. It was my first fast run post-ultra and I just jumped on the treadmill and decided to try to run 5km as fast as possible, starting at 12kph, which would be a 25min 5km, and continually increasing the speed. I ended up with 23 minutes 20 which is a huge PB for me and one I still haven’t managed to match outdoors!


 The Sport of Kings by CE Morgan: I never really got into this book as I read it interspersed with Silk Roads. An epic across generations of American history with themes of race and class and love and some surprising secrets.

Unfinished Business by Marie-Anne Slaughter: a fantastic book about gender equality and women in the workplace.

The stopped heart by Julie Myerson: a really gripping but ultimately not that memorable book (I loved it at the time but couldn’t remember what it was about when I came to write this!). Two intertwining stories, a couple grieving a horrendous loss in the modern day and a family in Victorian England. The writing is detailed, terrifying, at times graphic and I do remember being to unable put it down.

The Strangers Child by Alan Hollinghurst: not as good as his famous Line of Beauty but a tale of England from before WW1 to the modern day. It’s told in segments, jumping a generation in between, and the issue for me was that the first segment was by far my favourite.

My best moment in June

was not one moment, but an entire week of quiet days at work and beautiful weather at home. For about 7 days I spent no time indoors at home other than sleeping and using the bathroom – coming straight back from work to sit in the garden with James and drink a chilled bottle of wine. It was so relaxed and lovely.

Right now I am 

Reading: the Dark Circle by Linda Grant.

Watching: the Tour de France! 3 weeks of watching a ridiculous amount of TV….. How brilliant and lovely is Geraint Thomas?!

Enjoying: the beautiful summer weather we have been having. How nice is it to spend every evening outside in the sun drinking rosé and chatting? Clearly that will have to end as I have hours of the TDF to watch on TV but still…

Looking forward to: oh so much in July! Cycling around the Isle of Wight with my mum and James, an adventure on the North Downs Way (and hopefully finishing it!) and finally a whole week of holiday in the Picos de Europa, Spain, finishing with a really nice hotel and some amazing food in San Sebastian.


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