Weekly review – getting ready for half Ironman training 

I had a proper week of pretty solid workouts this week – if you add in one extra swim then that’s pretty much what I want half Ironman training to look like. Very much helped by having a quiet weekend with no Saturday evening plans! My legs were exhausted as I cycled to work this morning.

Swimming: I did a swim test session this week to establish my CSS speed (more details on what that actually is here). 400m as fast as possible followed by 200m as fast as possible. I was very pleased with a time of 7m50 for the 400m and 3m43 for the 200m. It’s just the start of my swim training and I will keep testing as (hopefully!) I get faster!

Cycling: two cycle commutes due to the weather (torrential rain = not cycling home!). And then a lovely long ride on Sunday. I’d intended to go out with Brixton Cycle Club but got a bit intimidated by the distance (70km plus 15km to and from the start point would be much longer than any ride I’ve done yet this year). So I used “tired legs” from my run the previous day as an excuse and went out by myself instead. 

However, as I went down the hill after Crystal Palace I got caught up in a huge group of riders. I noticed first they were very well-dressed and then wasn’t surprised to find out they were from Rapha CC! I rode with them for over 15 minutes and they were so friendly, inviting me to join their ride a number of times. 

In the end I had a lovely ride out into the North Downs by myself, enjoying the sunshine. Definately should have taken more food with me though!

Running: a treadmill run with 6x1km at above goal 10km pace, a gentle 8 mile run into work, and a lovely 3 hour amble along the North Downs Way, no eye on time or pace, walking up hills, stopping to take photos, just lovely. 

Something fun that was nothing to do with training: before heading out to the North Downs on Saturday I volunteered at Brockwell Park Run (park runs are free timed 5km runs all around the world staffed by volunteers). It was my third time volunteering but my first marshalling, standing at a specific part of the course to cheer runners on, make sure they go the right way and keep an eye out for obstacles.  It was great, park runners are such a lovely bunch. I have never had so many people say thank you to me in such a short space of time, even those right at the front of the race (or some of them at least!) spared the breath to acknowledge me. Some people even clapped me! It made me feel great and was fun at the time – and volunteering allows park run to continue so a huge array of people of all ages, races, genders, fitness, financial ability, can come together and run. Although I would like to give one observation – the biggest difference between the women at the front of the race and those running 30 minutes or slower for the 5km was in the quality of their sports bras. Ladies! Get a good sports bra!


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