Weekly review – a 10km PB and a long cycle 

What an incredible summer we are having. This has got to be one of the hottest summers in recent year, we’ve already had at least three periods of gorgeously hot weather. Although despite the fact nothing makes me happier than blue skies I am starting to suffer from lack of sleep as it is far too hot to sleep properly at night! I caught myself this week wishing it would be a bit cooler so I could spend an evening on the sofa watching TV rather than outside… What has become of me?!

It was another great week of “not training” with 13 hours in total.

Swimming: 2 swims! A 1000m “timetrial” in the pool – it took me 21 minutes. Not too bad given how little I’ve swum this year! And then a gorgeous swim in Ham Lake on Saturday morning. I woke up at 5am too hot and could not get back to sleep. Eventually I gave up and headed to the station to go swimming. There were 5 or so in the lake but only 3 actually getting training which was brilliant – basically one on one coaching in open water swimming for an hour! I came away with lots of things to work on but feeling increasing confident in the water.

Cycling: so much cycling this week! Three days of cycling to and from work – which meant when I finally did get the tube on Thursday it was HORRIBLE. I had forgotten how hot it is in the summer.

On Sunday, James, mum and I set off to cycle round the Isle of Wight, a 110km cycle I’ve done once before, for my mum’s birthday last year. James was in the US then so I decided we had to go back so he could do it too! The weather was glorious which meant the views were pretty superb. We didn’t push it, just enjoying ourselves the whole way round. It was a great day.

Running: I entered another Chase the Sun race for Wednesday, hoping the weather would be a little cooler than last time. Well, it was a little cooler but still far too hot at 28 degrees – but I managed a PB and my first sub-50 minute 10km! Race recap here. I’m so proud of myself. 

Then on Saturday, after getting out of the lake I bundled my wetsuit into a rucksack, washed my feet and pulled my trainers on, ready to run the 10-11 miles home. The first part of the run was lovely, through quiet Richmond and then through the park. Then I was back on the main road and I just had to run along it for the best part of 10km, until Clapham Common. By the end I was so exhausted, I have never felt so tired running before. It was a real lack of sleep tiredness, so after showering I got straight into bed for an hour or so!

Something fun that was nothing to do with training: again, lots of lovely evenings outside, from Thursday, where James and I went for dinner with Jack and Charlotte at a new Indian restaurant in Brixton and then slowly walked going home, to Friday, where we ate a takeaway in our garden with Issy and Nick and chatted until it got dark, and finally Saturday, where we had a barbecue at my mum’s house on the south coast. I do love the summer.


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