Weekly review 

Bit more self-sabotage going on this weekend when I had an adventure planned for Friday evening involving running and wild camping. On Thursday, I went out with work colleagues and didn’t get home until 4.30 am… It was light when I walked in the door… I was still drunk when I got to work on Friday morning.

Seriously Alice. Wtf. The hangover lasted into Saturday but on the bright side it meant I finally got on board with Love Island as that was about all I was good for. 

The beginning of the week was also very, very busy at work so training didn’t really happen at all. It’s okay though, one more week until I’m off on a cycling holiday so maybe I am tapering?!

Swimming: none!

Cycling: 3 full days of cycling to work.

Running: I ran into work on Thursday and was quite pleased with my run, a kind of tempo fartlek in that I alternated between running slow and pushing myself over long stretches of road. 

Anything else? Nope!

Something fun that was nothing to do with running: Thursday night was fun until the point where my memory gets hazy… Saturday night James and I went out for a lovely dinner in Clapham and then strolled home as it got dark.


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