Weekly review – off on holiday 

It’s Tuesday now, and as I write this, the holiday effect has meant I have completely forgotten everything that happened last week. I know I was really busy at work trying to finish everything off before going on holiday, so a lot of my workouts just didn’t happen, a result of meetings and meetings and meetings and evening socialising that meant I couldn’t just work all evening to make up for training during the day!

Running: I went out for one run with run club on Tuesday lunch time. It was a disaster. I hadn’t planned on going for a run until the email went round and I thought it was too good an opportunity to miss on a gorgeous day. But what I’d forgotten is that I hadn’t eaten any breakfast. All I’d had that day was two coffees. So I set off feeling great, bounding along, then rapidly faded until even the slowest, slowest jog felt far too much. It was awful!! Silly idea – I have learnt my lesson.

Cycling: quite a lot of cycling. Lots of cycles to and from work, then on Friday evening James and I flew to northern Spain for our summer holiday, cycling in the Picos de Europa. We didn’t start cycling until Sunday, but what a cycle it was…. 27km of tough ascent, 10km down, another 10km up, a final 10km down. All on quiet roads, deserted roads really as it got later into the night. More on our cycle holiday later but we have cycled some pretty incredible roads!

And nada más for last week.

Something fun that was nothing to do with training: lots and lots!! A few drinks after work with colleagues on Tuesday, dinner with two of my oldest friends on Wednesday, and then of course flying of to Bilbao. Despite the long hours worked, it was a great week.


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