Weekly review – a cycling holiday!

I love holidays. This one involved plenty of exercise (12 and a half hours in total), a ridiculous amount of food and constantly stunning views. Every day I said “this is the most beautiful cycle I’ve been on“, only to find it just got better every day. I’ll blog more about the trip over the next few weeks.


5 cycles:

1) a climb up a steep mountain pass in the rain, followed by a lovely shallow descent and an undulating road around a lake.

2) back the way we’d come, along the lake and up the shallow ascent, before 50km speeding downhill through a glorious gorge.

3) climbing the infamous road up to the Lagos de Covadonga, one of the hardest climbs in Spain and a favourite of the Vuelta – well worth the effort given how stunningly beautiful it is 

4) an easier, 45km cycle with a stunning descent to the town of Arenas de Cabrales 

5) a final 50km through another gorge back to our car!

Anything else? 

Two short hikes, one through the stunning Cares Gorge:

And two climbs on a Via Ferrata, the “easy” way to climb – although I was still terrified!

Something fun that was nothing to do with training:

Well, the whole holiday really. But particularly, the one night we stayed in a gorgeous 5* hotel with an incredible pool:

And then also a long weekend in San Sebastian, where we wandered along the beach, watched the San Sebastian Classic cycle race and enjoyed lots and lots of pintxos!


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