Weekly review – pushing back half iron training

Last week was meant to be the first week of a half Ironman 8 week training program. However, with one thing and another – recovering from cycle touring, James’ last week in the UK, a busy week at work – training was not my priority and so I missed the majority of sessions on the program. That’s okay though – 7 weeks will be enough! I think I could get round the course tomorrow so all I am doing is adding speed and strength.

Cycling – just one cycle to work – although instead of my usual approach of using those rides as recovery sessions I tried to turn it into an interval session. Obviously, in the middle of London you have to be careful – the length of the intervals depends on traffic lights, cars, pedestrians, and other  cyclists so it is also a bit of a mental workout, having to be constantly aware of everything going on around you. But it was fun to occasionally feel the burn in my legs and I even got to work faster so that’s great!

Running: one awful treadmill run, attempting 10 x 1km and stopping at 5 x 1km. I was still tired from cycle touring and I’d forgotten any socks. I could feel the hotspots start to develop so decided to stop before I ended up with any really bad blisters.

Then on Sunday I went out with James’ brother, an Ironman athlete who has been to Kona. He took me on an 11 mile jaunt around the villages near James’ house in Northumberland which was lovely – just slowly running along, chatting. Still managed an almost 9 min mile pace though despite walking up the steep hills which was great!

Something fun that was nothing to do with running:

The weekend with James’ family, where we went for a walk along the beach at Newton-by-the-Sea, ate delicious food, drank a lot of wine and played with baby April who is quickly coming up for 2 and absolutely brimming with personality. I’m not always a huge fan of kids (which some would say is an understatement!) but I really love this little girl, she’s gorgeous and so much fun.



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