To be perfectly honest, August was a bit of a rubbish month in which me and my boyfriend of 8 years broke up. So it passed in a haze of tears, drunkenness, and nights out with good friends. On the other hand, it also involved lots of exciting weekends such as visiting my sister in Falmouth, sailing in the Solent, and climbing the three peaks. It flew by, over in a flash, and I’m glad it’s over. Time to pick my life back up and get down to training as I have a half ironman in just a few weeks now!!

I spent every weekend in August away from home: visiting James’ family in Northumberland, my sister in Falmouth, staying on a boat in the Solent, and then staying at my aunt’s in Leamington Spa, Fort William in Scotland, the Lake District, and finally at the foot of Snowdon.

My most liked Instagram photos (I’m @adarling575) were:

1. Beautiful views from Falmouth from a trip down to visit my sister by the beach

2. A morning swim in Brockwell Lido on a sunny day

3. The marina all quiet and peaceful on my work sailing trip

4. Beautiful flowers given to me by a friend who came round for a lovely dinner of catching up and gossiping

In terms of training, I had good days and bad days but no solid training whatsoever given the amount of drinking I was doing and the number of hungover mornings.

Swimming:4300m – 4 swims! The only thing that increased since last month…

Cycling: 237km (145 miles) – pretty drastic drop from the 400+ miles in July.

Running: 67.3km (about 40 miles) – almost 20 miles less than last month.

Other: I had some great weights workouts and then of course, 3 long hikes up mountains back-to-back which definitely counts as endurance training!

Favourite cycle: a lovely little meander through Cornwall to Land’s End with my sister. As her job involves traveling the world I so rarely get the chance to spend time with her so that made it extra special.


Autumn by Ali Smith: set in the UK the autumn after Brexit, this lovely little book tied in observations about the fractured nature of Britain today with a deeply personal love story. I was hooked.

Reservoir 13 by Jon McGregor: set in a small village after a child has gone missing, this book follows the lives of the villagers over 10 years. It’s not the easiest book to follow, as the reader is always outside the lives of the villagers, looking in on snapshots of their lives rather than ever getting to know their innermost feelings but I ended up being unable to put it down and really sad when it has finished.

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy: a sprawling book through Indian history, following the lives of a few key characters and by doing so telling a political story of the modernisation of India and the horrors of the Kashmiri conflict.

Best moment in August: the entire weekend spent with my lovely, lovely family climbing the three peaks.

Right now I am:

Reading: 4321 by Paul Auster – the modern American novel, it is HUGE and has taken me ages to read but I love it.

Listening to: coffee break Español – a 15 minute Spanish language podcast that I’ve been trying to listen to daily to keep up my Spanish.

Enjoying: being super-busy both at work (which I am loving right now) but also with lots of amazing friends who are keeping me busy and distracted!

Looking forward to: a busy September with two triathlons and a weekend away in Cambridge for my university reunion. I’m not spending quite so many entire weekends away from home though which is good as my poor Oscar-cat would start to forget who I was!


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