I’m an avid reader training for my second ever triathlon this summer.

That’s how I started my blog at the beginning of 2014. Three years later and I am now an avid reader who has finished one ultra marathon (North Downs Way 50), four marathons (Barcelona, Brighton, Dublin and Paris, with a PB of 3hr 51),  competed in four Olympic distance triathlons, three Sprint distance triathlons, and one half Ironman…… I am still not always sure what I am doing but am learning a lot and sharing my experiences through this blog!

My favourite place to be is curled up on the sofa with a good book, my cat, and a glass of wine. Failing that, I quite like to be on the top of a hill on my bike looking downwards, running slowly along the Thames path with the sun glittering on the water, or experiencing the complete stillness and quiet you get from floating in a lake at an ungodly hour on a Saturday morning. On the other hand, dragging myself into the pool whenever I manage to do it is (still) a huuuuge effort.

The hope is that by writing about my training I will spur myself on to actually go and do some every now and then.

I’ve given myself some big goals for 2017, which you can read more about in this post.

17 for 2017

  1. Finish happy at my first ultra marathon (50 miles!) Complete! I finished very happy and actually loved it. Bring on the next one 😀
  2. Climb the 3 peaks.
  3. Finish happy at Paris marathon Complete! Although I didn’t finish particularly happy, I did get a 21 minute PB of 3 hours 51 minutes which made me very happy.
  4. 5km PB Complete! 23min 40 seconds – a full minute faster than my previous PB.
  5. sub-55 minute 10km Complete! In fact, 3 10km PBs over the year so far, all at RunThrough London events and culminating in 49 minutes 22 seconds at the Chase the Sun race in Clapham Common on 5 July.
  6. Sub-2 hour half marathon Complete! 1 hour 51 minutes at the Heartbreaker Half in the New Forest
  7. Go on a cycle touring trip Booked! James and I are heading off to the Picos de Europa in northern Spain at the end of July
  8. Finish walking / running the length of the North Downs Way
  9. Get a PB at an Olympic distance triathlon I am not sure this will be possible as I didn’t enter in time so my chosen race sold out…
  10. Get that sub 7 hour half Ironman (I’ve entered Hever Castle)
  11. Work on my headstand
  12. Keep up the strength training
  13. Work hard and don’t get too stressed about it
  14. Save for a new kitchen My accountant friend has sent me a budget spreadsheet and saving is well underway although I’m currently buying a LOT of stuff for bike touring (see no. 7!)
  15. Read an average of 4 books a month dead on, with 24 books read by the end of June
  16. Read (and blog about) the entire Booker longlist
  17. Do one thing that’s entirely new.

Books – I love reading all types of books, especially dystopias or historical fiction. I couldn’t possibly pick a best book but I sobbed and sobbed through through A Little Life by Hanya Yanighara (always a good sign) and, like every other runner, was inspired to run further by Born to Run.

And travelling – as much as I love home, I also love getting away from it all and have a bit of a reputation amongst my friends for always being on holiday. I used to keep very detailed travel diaries, hastily scribbled on trains and planes in a battered notebook – now those diaries are written on my blog and published together with lots of photos of the various places I’ve visited! I spent six months living in Madrid in 2015 and try to return to Spain at every possible opportunity.There’s also lots of trips to the USA as my lovely boyfriend (James, he’s a philosopher) works at a university at in South Bend, near Chicago.

Aside from all of that, I live in Brixton, south London, and spend my time working hard, training, eating my way around London and looking after our little cat, Oscar.




    • I am! I didn’t realise but just searched for readingrunningcycling and my blog comes up 🙂 am now worried you have alerted me to a whole new way of finding hundreds of blogs and I might never come out of my computer….!

    • Hi – they are difficult! That’s why I do them 🙂 but I started small with a sprint triathlon, followed one of the many free training plans you can find on the Internet, and just kept going. Eventually things you thought were impossible (like swimming 1500m) become easier and you start looking at more “impossible” things!

  1. I am the furthest thing from an athlete a person can be, but I do love books and reading so will be following to see if you have posts on good books. I read the Goldfinch for a bookclub I’ve recently joined. The first month the book to read was relatively short and I started it way too early in the month so was done long before meeting night and forgot a lot of details. Trying to learn from that mistake I didn’t start The Goldfinch until shortly before the next meeting. OMGosh! Almost 800 freaking pages, and a couple of weeks later and I finally finished it. Note to self: Check the number of pages of the next book to get the timing right. lol

    • Haha good to hear, and now I have an impetus to write more book posts 🙂 and I liked your story about the Goldfinch – I never thought about that timing issue with a book club before! The Goldfinch was AWESOME though

      • Well it was interesting. Wasn’t one of my favorites. It kind of drug in the middle. But it was definitely a different idea and a book that made you think. Which is good. Yes, I still need to work out the timing on my reading. You wouldn’t think it would be so hard, would you? lol

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