Running and Cycling around the world

I love going on holiday. It is by far my favourite way to spend my time and money, exploring new places, eating new food, not having to work and being able to sit outside and chat for hours with a glass (or several) of wine. Since beginning this triathlon journey I’ve started to use my cycling and my running to explore places in more detail and have had some wonderful journeys.

I thought it might be useful to put them all in one place for inspiration for your own cycling / running adventures! Click on the links below for more.

The UK

The North Downs Way – a link all of its own due to the amount of time I have spent in recent years running its full length.




Particularly for Spain, I lived in Madrid for 6 months so if you are planning a trip to Madrid, this guide will be useful!


I’ve also spent a lot of time in Andalucia, a brilliant place for cycling and running so click here for all my posts about Andalucia.


United States





The sailing trip of a lifetime – in which I spent a year living on a boat, sailing from the UK down to the Canaries, across the Atlantic via the Cape Verdes and all the way back up the Caribbean chain of islands. Finally to Bermuda, back across the Atlantic to the Azores and then home!



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