Triathlon Tips

Not that I’m qualified in any way to give ‘tips’ but in my journey from non-swimmer, non-cyclist, non-runner, to triathlete(!) I have definitely learnt LOTS and picked up some great advice from other triathletes, coaches and (of course) blogs. I’m still learning of course and if I know anything, it’s that there’s so much more to learn!

But I know there’s a lot of other beginner triathletes out there and I thought it might be handy to have all my posts that give some triathlon tips in one place.

Triathlon goals for 2015

Marathon training as a triathlete

Cycling in the Rain for Beginners

Mental Strength in Triathlon

Five reasons to do Triathlon

Why I’m a beginner Triathlete


Race day!!!

Barcelona marathon (yes, I know it’s not a triathlon….)

Teach First Run the River 10k20140621-215755-79075688.jpg

My First Olympic Distance Triathlon

Watching the Age-Groupers at the Europeans in Kitzbuhel

Kitzbuhel European Championships – the pros (along with some pretty great pics if I say so myself….!)

Shropshire Triathlon – Race Recap

Memories of my first Triathlon

Preparing for a race:


Pre-race Nerves

Swimming posts:

How to be a Triathlete when you can’t swim

ham lakeOpen water

Open Water Swimming in London

Open Water Swimming

Pool swimming

9 x 200m swim set

Endurance in the pool

Lots and lots of sprints

IMG_6099CSS and fifties

Swimming with fins and body rotation

A long 4 x 500m swim set

Fast and hard swim set (50m reps)

Off season swimming

Beating the Boredom in the Pool

CSS swim training

Workout posts:

A lunch-time brick work-out

Some gym workouts – including two swim sessions





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