What I Ate Wednesday – the post-race edition!

It’s been a long time since I did one of these WIAW posts. They are so often filled with smoothies and vegan lunches and inventive grains that I thought it might be interesting to look at what I ate in a whole week post-half Ironman, where I had decided not to care at all what I ate and just to eat what I felt like, when I felt like it.

Warning: may make you hungry.


I am a creature of habit and so breakfast every day throughout the week was the same – a big bowl of porridge from the canteen at work, topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon, a drizzle of honey, and huge spoonfuls of dried bananas and sunflower seeds.


On Monday morning I was feeling pretty tired and run-down from my half Ironman the day before so I treated myself to a juice as well… Living dangerously.


As breakfast is at around 9.30am, I don’t tend to snack before lunch, other than having my first cup of coffee (or tea) around 11.30 – 12. We have brand new awesome coffee machines in our office so I get a flat white from the machine and take it back to my desk.


A different thing for lunch every day! When we make dinner, we always make double the portions and so have a packed lunch for two the next day. BUT last week I bought lunch from Crussh on both Monday and Friday – a lamb and lentils hot pot and then a chicken, pesto and goat’s cheese panini. The panini especially was incredible.

Other meals were: homemade lasagna (James makes the best lasagna in the world); a sausage and lentil stew; and roast aubergines and red peppers stuffed with minced lamb, chickpeas, lots of spices and a salad.



Oh here we go. I get hungry / bored mid-afternoon (especially as I don’t tend to eat dinner until between 8.30pm – 9.30pm). Sometimes I manage to resist but last week I had told myself to eat whatever I wanted to…. So I did! The result was one large sharing pack of minstrels, FOUR chocolate cookies, one cereal bar and a handful of peanuts. Oh and some canapés that were being handed out after I went to a seminar at work.




Were the same as the above with the addition of Thursday’s dinner out with friends in Brindisa – I am going to do a whole post about it soon because I love it. It’s a Spanish food store (think olive oil, chickpeas, paprika and manchego as well as lots of meat) with a little tapas bar attached to it under the arches of the railway line in Brixton. I got my hands on more Agua de Valencia which I decided was the best drink ever when in Valencia this summer, we all drank a little too much and ate all the food.

For Friday’s dinner we were on the train towards Newcastle. Ticket prices had meant first class wasn’t that much more expensive AND you get a free dinner and free wine. The main meal – chicken in a barbecue sauce was okay but not great but the cheese board was wonderful!

The weekend

SO. MUCH. FOOD. James’ mum always spoils us when we go to visit them and this time was no exception. The days started with a bowl of muesli and a banana. On Saturday, when we went to visit brand new baby April, oneof the presents that mum and dad had been sent was a box of delicious brownies and I just couldn’t stop myself eating them. Lunch both Saturday and Sunday was a huge spread of cheese, pâtés, warm bread and cold meats. Dinner on Saturday was pork loin with potato dauphinois and roast squash (yum!!!) followed with crumble and custard…. Yep I was spoilt. I finished off the weekend with a lovely burger from my favourite burger restaurant – Honest Burger in Brixton.


Phew!! I am trying to be healthier this week – it is Wednesday and I have managed to not have a chocolate cookie yet! I have stocked up the fridge at work with healthy-ish food to distract me from the cookies!


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